Shirt Protector 3.0

$59 USD
Color: Aoraki Black

This is the latest and greatest version of the Minaal Shirt Protector. We reduced the hook size and elasticated the attachment points for a much more snug, reliable fit inside your bags – and a lighter carry. We switched from mesh to fabric lining to better protect high-abrasion areas, and used a zero-emission lining to boot. 

This product helps you reduce clothes wrinkling caused by travel, for up to 8 of your favorite shirts or similar items. Keeping shirts, suits, and dresses wrinkle-free is one of the great challenges of modern travel. Attach this to purpose-built loops inside the Carry-on and Daily — and prevent your best clothes from sliding around and getting creased or crushed by everything else you pack.

*Works with the 2.0 and 3.0 versions of both the Carry-on and Daily. The 3.0 bags have smaller, elasticated attachment loops, to get the most out of the Shirt Protector 3.0. This product has the white 3.0 logo, and the previous model has the blue 2.0 logo. 

  • Reduces shirt wrinkling and keeps clothes clean and secure while on the move
  • Holds up to eight shirts, protects suits and dress pants or blouses and skirts, and has a dedicated zippered pocket for ties or similar items
  • 150D exterior with eco-poly lining and airflow mesh
  • Comes with the Minaal how-to guide on folding clothes effectively (that doubles as a folding board)
  • Attaches to the Minaal Carry-on 2.0/3.0 and all versions of the Daily bag via purpose-built elasticated attachment hooks
  • Net Weight: 302g / 10.65oz 15.7 x 11.8 in 
  • Approximately 13.8 x 9.8 in (35 x 25 cm)
  • With clothes inside, closer to 15.7 x 11.8 in (40 x 30 cm), depending on how it's packed
We offer a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing defects. If your gear has a defect, we’ll send you a replacement or organise a repair – anywhere in the world.

This second paragraph is where some companies might list their endless conditions, exclusions, and sub-clauses to their reckless first sentence. But we’re big believers in common sense – a defect is a defect – and we won’t use legal jargon as a rock to hide under when you come knocking. Problems with our gear are incredibly rare, but we know how good it feels to have a solid warranty backing you up when you’re on the road. If any of our gear falls short of our high quality-control standards, we’ll make it right.

Ultimately, any gear that takes a severe beating over a long period of time will eventually show signs of wear and tear. This isn’t considered a defect – but drop us a line if you’re in doubt, and we’ll be straight with you either way.

If you're in the U.S. and want to request a warranty refund or replacement, you can do it here.

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Customer Reviews

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Santosh B. (Sydney, AU)
Minaal Shirt Protector 3.0

As a Minaal Daily and Carry-on 2.0 owner, the shirt protector for me, is one of the most ingenious design aspects of the Minaal range. At first, it appears as a simple garment packer, for folded shirts and pants, but the smarts lays in the integration into both of the Minaal bags.

Slide the shirt protector into the straps and not only is a garment pack, but it also serves as a restraining strap for the contents inside, helping to shift the weight of the bags contents onto the carriers back. This applies to both the Daily and the Carry-On.

When the 3.0 series of Minaal bags was released, I was tempted to upgrade, very tempted, having used my Minaal across business trips to the US and across Europe, I knew how reliable the Minaal bags were. In fact, so reliable, I just couldn't justify the upgrade, my 2.0 bags were still awesome. But they were releasing an upgrade of the Shirt Protector, 3.0!

The first noticeable change is the logo, striking the newer (even more!) minimalistic Minaal logo. There is one less mesh pocket, replaced with fabric, but all this will do is help with keeping the protector closed anyhow, so no loss in my opinion. The best change is the elasticated hook loops. What this does its further improve the strapping function mentioned earlier. Letting you place even more packed items under the protector and producing a more snug result.

Overall a great improvement on an already cool feature, and of course useful on both the Daily and Carry-On, for either series!


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