Tech Toolcase XL

$69 USD
Color: Aoraki Black

Keep even more of your gear safe and organized on the move. A larger version of our popular Tech Toolcase, this multi-functional case is designed for people who carry lots of essentials with them every day.

Includes adjustable/removable dividers

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike B. (New Market, US)
So versatile and a response to users

Why do I love and use these products? They are FUN! Clever and innovative design. Great workmanship and materials. Be sure to watch videos to be sure you are aware of ALL the cool features. Review from time to time since new needs arise depending on travel circumstances AND you will likely be surprised how Minaal’s clever design will probably accommodate those new uses. This product can be easily interchanged and used to suit the particular travel configuration I’ve adopted for that trip.

Taj (Denver, US)
Almost … too big?

I bought the XL when I thought I couldn't get by with the regular Toolcase. I was wrong. I've gone back because the XL is a little too big. It's really a perfect thing, but it takes up more space in the Daily than I wanted when packing for an entire week. If you are using a larger bag, or "never leave a dongle behind," then this might be the case for you.

Mike (Tauranga, NZ)
Bigger - Sort of Better

Haven't used the XL as much as the original toolcase, mainly because the XL doesn't fit as neatly in the interior pockets and is quite bulky in the Daily. I have not yet tried consolidating two original toolcases into one XL for overseas trips, but it would likely work quite well as one bag for headphones, chargers, cables, and my external hard drive.

Juan G. (New York, US)
More space, less problems

I was able to get this after using the original Toolcase and was impressed by how much more I was able to carry all by still being able to keep the footprint minimal for all I was carrying. I switch between both depending on what I need to carry more. When my carry is more tech inclined, I used the XL otherwise I use the traditional smaller one.

Rylan (Marathon, US)
Infinite uses!

Right now I’m using the XL case for edc items and love it! The feel of having an awesomely built travel accessory is ...well....Awesome! I don’t travel much but when I do I’m proud to use the 2.0 pack. I use the Daily, daily!

• Net weight (w/ dividers): 184.8g / 6.52oz

• L x W x H: 25 x 19 x 6 cm / 9.85 x 7.5 x 2.36 in

• Can be used to store and organize your electronics, cosmetics, toiletries or other small personal items

• Includes elastic mesh pockets and adjustable/removable dividers

• Built from 150D Bean Chaff, with high-density EVA foam protective walls

• Fits inside the Carry-on,Daily, and Rolltop

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