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About Business Time
A two-day business trip to LA, packing ultra-light to avoid the bloody fight for overhead space. A week shuttling between remote office and on-site visits. Keeping your business clothes respectable while hitting the gym every day.

This bundle, rather conveniently, enables all of the above.

Business Time gives you a combo deal on the following set:

1. Daily Bag
The Daily combines a protective, secure, lie-flat DeviceNest laptop compartment with a feather-like 2.16lb (0.98kg) carry weight. You can rock it in backpack, shoulder sling and hand-carry modes (I believe they call that a ‘triple play’) and the hideaway straps make the switch from active to sleek a real pleasure, believe you me.

Whether you’re hustling between the office and the gym, heading out for a day hike, or need a personal item for a long-haul journey, the Daily’s compact size and minimalist shell keep you moving faster, happier, and more productively.

2. Shirt Protector
Not only does the Shirt Protector reduce shirt wrinkling, it bridges the gap between backpacks and professional trips by securely attaching to the bag. This means unlike other options, ours won't slide around and get crushed, which would defeat the whole purpose of using a shirt protector!

3. Mobile Toolcase
Contain and organize your productivity tools inside one protective, easy-to-carry case. Packed with accessible nooks, crannies, and regular ol' pockets inside a padded shell, the Mobile Toolcase lets you pull out just one thing when you're ready to roll. Last but most certainly not least, the internal walls are fully (re)movable, so you can customise the setup for your everyday carry.

4. Shoulder Sling
The Shoulder Sling is made from the highest quality components: all-metal hooks and sliders, super comfortable high-grade EVA foam, and the same abrasion-resistant Nylon fabric as our flagship bags. It weighs 148gm / 5.22oz, and feels like fluffy rainbows on your shoulder.

With all our gear, every component is hand-selected for exceptional performance; every stitch is personally inspected before heading to your door. We back all our gear with a lifetime warranty against defects, and take pride in our ongoing, personal support for all users.

If you have any questions, we’d be truly stoked to hear from you.

See you on the road,
Jimmy, Doug, & the Minaal team

Mmm, specificaaations

Daily Bag
  • Net Weight: 0.98kg / 2.16lb
  • LxWxH: 43 x 32 x 16cm (fully packed) / 16.9 x 12.6 x 6.3in
  • Depth of main compartment: 16cm / 6.5in
  • Zipped pocket, organizer (pens, secure passport, cash): 18.5cm x 13cm / 7.3in x 5in
  • Top middle pocket, organizer (SD cards, camera batteries, USB): 6.8cm x 7.6cm / 2.5in x 3in
  • Bottom middle pocket, organizer (credit card, ID, business cards): 6.8cm x 11cm / 2.5in x 4.3in
  • Right side pocket, organizer (notebook, easy access passport): 18.5cm x 13.5cm / 7.3in x 5.3in
  • Daily raincover: 0.06kg / 2.12oz
  • DeviceNest™ compartment fits 15" laptops
  • Return policy
  • Shipping & Warranty
Shirt Protector
  • Works with Carry-on 1.0, Carry-on 2.0 and the Daily bag
  • Net Weight: 302g / 10.65oz
  • Around 35 x 25cm, and with clothes inside it's more like 40 x 30cm (It does depend how tightly you pack it, obviously.)
Mobile Toolcase
  • Net weight (w/ dividers): 125g / 4.41oz
  • LxWxH: 20cm x 15cm x 5cm / 7.87in x 5.9in x 1.97in
  • Fits in Carry-on and Daily bags
  • Includes adjustable/removable dividers
Shoulder Sling
  • Weight: 148gm / 5.22oz
  • Works with Carry-on 2.0 and the Daily bag
  • Does not work with Carry-on 1.0
  • All-metal hooks and sliders
  • High-grade EVA foam
  • Abrasion-resistant Nylon fabric
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