Complete Collection // Wellington

$1,133 USD $1,334 USD
Color: Vancouver Grey
From New Zealand’s windswept capital, “travel” often means a 24-hour transit across multiple continents. A “quick trip overseas” is at least two weeks long. And a “conference then a cheeky ski trip in France" is roughly equivalent to packing for Mars. By owning every single bag and accessory we make, you’ll be able to fully customize your setup for each trip — and you’ll be fully prepared to face the elements every time you step out the door.
We offer a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing defects. If your gear has a defect, we’ll send you a replacement or organise a repair – anywhere in the world.

This second paragraph is where some companies might list their endless conditions, exclusions, and sub-clauses to their reckless first sentence. But we’re big believers in common sense – a defect is a defect – and we won’t use legal jargon as a rock to hide under when you come knocking. Problems with our gear are incredibly rare, but we know how good it feels to have a solid warranty backing you up when you’re on the road. If any of our gear falls short of our high quality-control standards, we’ll make it right.

Ultimately, any gear that takes a severe beating over a long period of time will eventually show signs of wear and tear. This isn’t considered a defect – but drop us a line if you’re in doubt, and we’ll be straight with you either way.

If you're in the U.S. and want to request a warranty refund or replacement, you can do it here.

If you live outside the U.S. and have a warranty issue, it's best to contact us directly.


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