You may have considered yourself a backpacker at one point, but you've graduated from those ramen days and dorm room stays. Now, when you find yourself seated on a beer crate with smoke from the grill billowing, you're there by choice. Street stalls and authentic eateries are an ideal way to take the pulse of a new destination – even if you're treated to the occasional dragonfly wing in your salad. You've made a habit of becoming as familiar with bánh xèo as you are with a banana split.

The place you stay is considered – a well-appointed boutique hotel or Airbnb in an up-and-coming district – because you know what you like and you know how to find it. You book the occasional hostel stay for fun or to be social. Same goes for five-star blowouts once in a while. You revel in the clash between back alley dives (the grittier the better), and up-and-coming places to be seen. You'd show up at a Michelin-starred restaurant in a tuk-tuk and it wouldn't be the first time.

As an experienced traveler, you know just what you'll need, so that's all you carry. Some weeks that means a laptop and a crisp shirt for meetings and nights on the town, other times it's swimsuits and sandals all day everyday. You're sure that having the right gear means you can shuffle your plans at a moment's notice to chase down the best part of travel: the unknown.


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