The only tether work has on you is a strong wifi connection. At the moment, you're hoping the local signal holds up because you've got a poolside Skype call or two to knock out before you take the afternoon off to chase down a temple on your freshly-rented motorbike. You work hard and play hard wherever you are – sometimes one more than the other... but hey, it was your need for better work/life balance that made you leave your last job in the first place!

Your kit is so dialed in that you hardly have to think about it anymore. Every gadget and charger, and pair of knockoff sunglasses has its place, even if that place happens to be the floor of your Airbnb while you're adventuring out of range. Ack! Forgot the sunnies again, eh? No matter, you can always grab another $2 pair of Faybans from a street stall on your way to the secret waterfall.

Whether you're capturing drone footage to crush it on the 'gram, sipping jamu and smashing spreadsheets, or catching a fresh young coconut and bowl of noodles with your fellow nomads, you pack a life's worth of adventure into an honest day's work. And the best part is... you'll wake up with the sun to do it all over again tomorrow.


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