Shoulder Sling - Aoraki Black [Pre-order]

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About Shoulder Sling - Aoraki Black [Pre-order]

This, friends, is a PRE-ORDER.

We're stoked to announce pre-orders for the Aoraki Black versions of our gear.

📫  Delivery is estimated for December 2017. At this stage, we're on track to deliver comfortably before Xmas - however! - many stages in the process (e.g. Customs inspections) are totally out of our control, so we can't guarantee dates until much closer to the time. 

(Heads up – if you need your gear before December, our original Grey is available to ship right now.)


We’ve been working on this for a while now, and are STOKED to announce the Minaal Shoulder Sling accessory is ready, and in stock. While stocks last, that is.

Both the Minaal Carry-on 2.0 AND the Minaal Daily have loops to attach the Minaal Shoulder Sling, giving both bags duffel / messenger-style capability.

The Minaal Shoulder Sling transfers seamlessly between carrying the Daily and 2.0, and is made from the highest quality components: all-metal hooks and sliders, super comfortable high-grade EVA foam, and the same abrasion-resistant Nylon fabric as our flagship bags.

It weighs 148gm / 5.22oz, and feels like fluffy rainbows on your shoulder. 

Every component is hand-selected for exceptional performance; every stitch is personally inspected before heading to your door. We back all our gear with a lifetime warranty against defects, and take pride in our ongoing, personal support for all users. 

There’s a ton of extra info below, and a passionate community of Minaal users to connect with on the road around the globe. If you have any questions, we’d be truly stoked to hear from you.

The Shoulder Sling works with Carry-on 2.0 and the Daily bag. Does not work with Carry-on 1.0.

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