The Flashpacker - Aoraki Black [Pre-order]

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About The Flashpacker - Aoraki Black [Pre-order]

This, friends, is a PRE-ORDER.

We're stoked to announce pre-orders for the Aoraki Black versions of our gear.

📫  Delivery is estimated for December 2017. At this stage, we're on track to deliver comfortably before Xmas - however! - many stages in the process (e.g. Customs inspections) are totally out of our control, so we can't guarantee dates until much closer to the time. 

(Heads up – if you need your gear before December, our original Grey is available to ship right now.)


Taking a flight... towards a rickshaw ride at the other end? Doing a walking tour... of European capitals? If you no longer need to fit bongo drums and dreadlock beads in your luggage, The Flashpacker bundle is your lightweight passport to active travel.

The Flashpacker gives you a combo deal on the following set:

1. Carry-on 2.0 - Aoraki Black
A backpack that’s super light, yet protects your expensive devices. A travel carry-on that speeds you through airport security and avoids the dreaded ‘carousel tango’ at the other end. And more than just a backpack, or a travel bag: a companion that knows when to help you organize, and when to get out of your way

2. Packing Cubes (set of 3)
Minaal Packing Cubes help you fit more stuff inside your bag and they’re designed to perfectly fit inside the 'scoop' of your Carry-on. They weigh less than 150g/5.29oz total – keeping you safe from airline weight limits – and they pack away into a tiny space when not needed. 

3. Hip Pads - Aoraki Black
The Modular Hip Pad accessory helps take weight off your shoulders in those moments when you check out of the hotel together and head towards a ‘nearby’ cafe to kill time with your gear then realize you totally misread the distance (damn you metric system!) but now you’re almost halfway there and don’t want to admit anything is wrong so just keep walking and hope no-one else notices because your shoulders feel totally fine anyway, man, I like these hip pads A LOT. 

The fact you can remove them means you can rock the pads for a hike, and stow them out of sight for that one meeting you scheduled to qualify this jaunt as a business expense (we can't do anything about you being an ‘intrepid’ mess at the meeting though. Sorry.)

We kept bulk and clutter to a minimum, and comfort at the front of our minds. There's even an elasticated strap retainer, an integral part of our never-ending War On Dangle.

With all our gear, every component is hand-selected for exceptional performance; every stitch is personally inspected before heading to your door. We back all our gear with a lifetime warranty against defects, and take pride in our ongoing, personal support for all users.

If you have any questions, we’d be truly stoked to hear from you.

See you on the road,
Jimmy, Doug, & the Minaal team

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