You'll notice we don't run sales, and we have a pretty straightforward discount policy that reflects the fact that the only time our gear is available at below-retail pricing is during pre-sales and in the case of product bundles. Below we discuss bundles specifically - feel free to also check out our thoughts on discounts.

Our gear works best when it's used together, so we encourage you to put together the bundle that's right for you by selecting bags and accessories that fit your lifestyle. 

Any cart that's over $400 can use the code GEAR10 to save 10%, and carts over $650 can use GEAR15 to save 15%. Those codes apply to bags and accessories

Our curated bundles are hand-selected by our team to demonstrate combinations of our gear that work well together, and their prices already reflect the same savings you'd get by building your own bundle and using one of the codes above. As such, the codes don't apply to our curated bundles

If your cart is a mix of curated bundles and other gear, the codes above will apply to the bags and accessories in your cart.

As always, if you have any questions for us don't hesitate to contact us!