Get the most from your Minaal gear.

Here are a few quick setup videos to give you a much better understanding of how to make your new gear work best for you, which means our countless hours of debates and testing rides on the night trains will have been even more worth it!

You can be “at home” everywhere.

We're making tools for a world where people change locations, jobs, cities – and countries – at will.

Great products put the user first, second, and third.

We prioritise the experience of actually using our products. We have no VCs or arbitrary fashion cycles to please. If it's not a joy to use, we won't release it.

“Planned obsolescence” is an abomination.

Some companies intentionally create short product lifecycles so you have to come back and make another purchase. That's a bad idea for all sorts of reasons. We believe in making products you only need to buy once.

Quality saves money – and the environment.

We live in a world where most products are disposable. We make tools that are indispensable, not disposable.

It's not all about closing the deal.

We won't do anything for a sale. We'll tell you when our bag doesn't fit your needs, and we'll treat you like a friend of a friend we just met at a party.


We're here to help. Email us and hear from a real human who can help with any questions you might have about your new gear.

Carry-on 2.0 Intro Video

Daily Bag Intro Video

Accessories Intro Video