Minaal discount: Why we don't discount.

Oh, we know how it is.

We do.

You get to the checkout, and you think – man, I’d be a total idiot if I didn’t search for a Minaal coupon code. A discount site. A mystical scroll with “15% OFF ALL ITEMS TODAY ONLY” scrawled by quill with ancient ink.

That’s probably how you landed here, come to think of it. The magic of the Google search. And now that you’re here, we have some bad news… and some good news.

Bad news is that we never discount our gear, except during pre-sales (like Kickstarter) and through occasional product bundles. That means that today, and tomorrow, and two weeks from now, you – and everyone else – pay regular price for Minaal gear.

It also means that any codes you did find are totally bogus.

How, you may be wondering, could this *possibly* be good news?

We plan on writing an in-depth blog post on the reasoning (you’re on the edge of your seat, we know) but here’s the short version:

1) Our prices are based on what it costs to produce high-quality, ethically-produced, small-batch travel gear. We don’t set an arbitrarily high price just so we can tempt you to buy with a so-called ’deep discount’. When you buy a Minaal, you know you’re getting what you pay for – not just the gear, but the ongoing service, support, and knowledge base we pride ourselves on.

2) We believe in fair pricing – we want you to trust that what you paid is what everyone else paid too.

3) That trust saves you time and angst – no more trawling the web looking for discount codes! No more wondering whether you’re getting played by a business! It’s almost like we’re… friends?!


By keeping our prices honest, consistent, and sustainable, we stay healthy and save you time.

Beyond that, we hope to be part of a broader movement away from ‘discounts’ and ‘sales’, and towards responsible business.

So in the end, even the bad news is actually good news.


Safe travels,

J, D, & the Minaal team

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