If you've taken our quiz and are curious about the different types of travelers that roam around the world, we've broken them down for you! No matter what type of traveler you are, we salute you. If you haven't taken it yet, take the quiz to find out!

The Vagabond

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Minaal - What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

You once haggled a street vendor out of a wooden nickel to pay for a third class berth on a night train and woke up someplace the TV says is too dangerous to visit... not because you had to, but because that's the fun way to go.

For you, the nearest hostel is a fallback option if you don't manage to sort out a place to crash with the locals. The first thing you do when you arrive in town is get yourself lost on purpose.

You have more fun sussing out a local market at dawn, before the tourists arrive, than choking down any 'complimentary breakfast' on offer. If you're recovering from a late-night bout with Beerlao, you'll follow your nose to some street food once the sun is comfortably overhead.

Your passport is full of colored stamps and your wallet is full of colored SIM cards. You've had so many phone numbers, you can't remember which one to use on forms.

Google Maps are for the weak.

The Urbanist

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Minaal - What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

You come alive when you've got a crackling new metropolis to uncover. The first thing you do when you land is grab your 'out' bag and hit the town. Day or night, whether you're strolling through a funky new district, snacking on pupusas at the market, prowling the latest modern art exhibition, or bouncing between swanky local bars and off-beat venues, you're all about soaking in the city and its culture. 'One more block' is your constant refrain – you've never met an alley you wouldn't stroll down.

You adore a dark and smoldering cup of third wave coffee, but run screaming from Edison bulbs, reclaimed wood, and subway tile – the cookie-cutter iterations of basic hipster design that's currently eating the world. When you're making travel plans, you schedule time for people-watching. You thrive on sidewalk cafes.

Sure, you could probably make it to the outskirts of the city and back before those dinner reservations at a private supper club expire, but on the other hand you might hone your knife skills at a local cooking class, hit up an arthouse cinema to test your language skills with a film subtitled in a language you (also) don't understand, or rub elbows with local creatives at a rooftop wine tasting instead.

The best thing about life in a new city is that when you leave room for serendipity, you're sure to be surprised.

The Remotist

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Minaal - What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

The only tether work has on you is a strong wifi connection. At the moment, you're hoping the local signal holds up because you've got a poolside Skype call or two to knock out before you take the afternoon off to chase down a temple on your freshly-rented motorbike. You work hard and play hard wherever you are – sometimes one more than the other... but hey, it was your need for better work/life balance that made you leave your last job in the first place!

Your kit is so dialed in that you hardly have to think about it anymore. Every gadget and charger, and pair of knockoff sunglasses has its place, even if that place happens to be the floor of your Airbnb while you're adventuring out of range. Ack! Forgot the sunnies again, eh? No matter, you can always grab another $2 pair of Faybans from a street stall on your way to the secret waterfall.

Whether you're capturing drone footage to crush it on the 'gram, sipping jamu and smashing spreadsheets, or catching a fresh young coconut and bowl of noodles with your fellow nomads, you pack a life's worth of adventure into an honest day's work. And the best part is... you'll wake up with the sun to do it all over again tomorrow.

The Luxuriant

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Minaal - What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

You're hanging by the pool to relax and recharge, and you look good doing it. Your favorite destination is anywhere you can rejuvenate and get away from the relentless pace of everyday life. You've had a revelation: while a week spent on a silent meditation retreat in a goat-skin tent overlooking a sacred valley two days walk from civilization is good for the soul, so is a weekend spent enjoying the finer things – a spa, or a plush resort – somewhere where service isn't a bad word. If there's no time for both, you know which you'd rather.

You're into morning yoga (or at least a yawn, a stretch, and a good breakfast). Long aimless walks on the beach or strolls through the charming city streets are a necessity. You want to see the world, but vacation isn't always going to make your feels throb. An experience at a special hotel isn't out of the question, and sand in the toes is probably going to win over jungle bugs. Whether you're lounging at a sidewalk cafe, hunting down the next Michelin-star spot, or exploring a local art district, there's no need to rush. Just relax... the next statue/palace/museum/row of shops isn't going anywhere.

The Professional

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Minaal - What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

You power through the airport, a can of nitro cold brew in hand. When you hit the security line, the timer starts. With TSA Pre, Clear, and Global Entry, you've determined your chance of being 'randomly' selected down to the decimal. Even if the brawny agent with permanent SecurityFace (sic) flags you, you'll enjoy the chance display your perfectly-choreographed security routine.

Where noobs scrounge for their documents and tramp around in socks, struggling to hold up their pants, your passport, ticket, and laptop, spring to hand. On sight, TSA agents drop their usual chatter and turn to address lost-looking sheep in their charge. You glide through the metal detector without a sound.

More than once you've imagined earning a light applause from onlookers as you stride past the sweating masses huddled around stainless tables, cramming their clothes into full-to-bursting roller bags, or patting their pockets franticly.

You board with Group 1. You're often the first on the plane. You'd been working on a formula for infant repellant before noise-cancelling headphones hit the market. Now you carry two pair (jic). They're your happy place in lobbies, lounges, and on red-eye flights.

You arrive at your destination with the same elan as you left. You're 98% as effective from the back of an Uber as you are when you're back at the office.

Time in the air is your only chance to relax – as long as the wifi stays broken.

The Flashpacker

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Minaal - What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

You may have considered yourself a backpacker at one point, but you've graduated from those ramen days and dorm room stays. Now, when you find yourself seated on a beer crate with smoke from the grill billowing, you're there by choice. Street stalls and authentic eateries are an ideal way to take the pulse of a new destination – even if you're treated to the occasional dragonfly wing in your salad. You've made a habit of becoming as familiar with bánh xèo as you are with a banana split.

The place you stay is considered – a well-appointed boutique hotel or Airbnb in an up-and-coming district – because you know what you like and you know how to find it. You book the occasional hostel stay for fun or to be social. Same goes for five-star blowouts once in a while. You revel in the clash between back alley dives (the grittier the better), and up-and-coming places to be seen. You'd show up at a Michelin-starred restaurant in a tuk-tuk and it wouldn't be the first time.

As an experienced traveler, you know just what you'll need, so that's all you carry. Some weeks that means a laptop and a crisp shirt for meetings and nights on the town, other times it's swimsuits and sandals all day everyday. You're sure that having the right gear means you can shuffle your plans at a moment's notice to chase down the best part of travel: the unknown.