Exchanging travel recommendations via email with intrepid customers… while you sip a Vietnamese coffee in Saigon’s French Quarter.

Managing a growing startup’s order flow… as the last rays of Budapest’s evening sun fall on your apartment balcony.

Analysing user feedback to plan improvements for new travel products … just before your morning kitesurfing session in Baja California.

Sound like a role that only exists… uh, nowhere ever?

We’re here to tell you – it exists.

We launched our travel gear company late last year, way over in the South Pacific Ocean (hello down there, New Zealand!) and after a fairly crazy 30 days, our tiny and ambitious team began building a global e-commerce operation.

That team needs to grow. Like, now-ish.

That means, not only does the role exist – it’s calling your name.

This is a location-independent role in raw form – we built our entire company around the mobile lifestyle. Want proof? Hell, just check out our Instagram:

But will you fit this job like a Billie Jean glove? Read on to find out...

Day-to-day, you’ll be…

    • Building and maintaining real, high-quality relationships with the people who use our gear
    • Processing e-commerce orders & managing daily operations
    • Engaging in proactive support & eliciting user feedback
    • Using that feedback to help us improve current products (and dream up new ones)
    • Building Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your areas of responsibility
    • Composing weekly summaries, reporting directly to the founders
    • … etc.

You’ll need to hit order deadlines at or around 4pm Mountain (USA) and 10am Hong Kong time. Apart from that, if you’re communicating well and hitting those deadlines: work when you want, from where you want.

We don’t care:

...who you are. Where you’re from. (name that group for a bonus point.)

More seriously, we basically don’t care about things that most companies care about. Your pedigree, how well you climbed the corporate ladder, how good you are at filling out timesheets, or who you managed to bribe to write a character reference in small italicised font at the bottom of your CV/résumé.

That shit is boring. None of it matters.

We DO care:

...about what you’ve achieved. Where you’re going. What you’ve learned from failure. How well you intuitively understand our tone and mission. Your level of empathy, and your aptitude with technology.

We care that you genuinely care – about the people who rock our gear, and specifically, about making their travels faster, happier and more productive.

We care that you have the ability to work without constant supervision, and communicate – verbally, and in writing – like an ab-so-lute MFer.

We care that you’re someone people love to travel with.

This opportunity is for you if:

    • You’re of robust and adventurous disposition.
    • You love exploring, in all senses of the word.
    • You’re insanely organised.
    • You love communicating with people.
    • You can be flexible and change focus on a dime.
    • You can handle the occasional late-night call to make team time zones work.
    • You value a freedom-based lifestyle and a role that's full of opportunity.
    • You like the idea of working for a company that only asks you to be in a specific location 2 weeks of the year, rather than 48.

But the opportunity ain’t for you if:

    • You’re stuck in one place.
    • You can’t build a routine, motivate yourself and work independently.
    • You can’t spell, or can’t write in spectacularly engaging English-language sentences. (To quote our favourite job ad ever: “If you constantly misuse ‘its’ versus ‘it’s’, you’re fucked.”)
    • You judge a role primarily by monetary benefits.
    • You don’t find Criss Angel MINDFREAK unintentionally amusing.


This role requires:

    • Internet connectivity, a laptop, and access to all regular communication channels.
    • A ‘get it done’ attitude: if you don’t know it, learn it. If you don’t get it, ask. If you want it, don’t die wondering. If you don’t succeed, work out why. There’s no time for excuses or non-constructive complaints.
    • An initial 3-month initial trial/commitment, with a minimum 9-month commitment after that if both sides agree to go forward.
    • After the trial period, a commitment to get yourself to company retreats held twice a year in epic locations. We’ll pay all your on-location expenses (read: all the fun stuff), and you’ll get an early heads up so you can build the movements into your travel plans.

And hell, let’s go moonshot bonus requirements:

    • Proficiency in memes, pop culture references, and just-painful-enough puns.
    • Even though we value the right culture fit more than anything, previous experience in similar roles will definitely help your case.
    • Previous experience living/working on the road.
    • Willingness to laugh at founders’ jokes even when not actually funny (note to self - check to ensure this is legally enforceable before posting job ad - D)

    • Complete freedom to live & work on the road. 
    • An amount of money, to be negotiated. 
    • A core role with a young, fast-growing travel gear company. Related: the potential to manage a team in future.
    • The most inspiring customer base ever. Seriously.  
    • A full set of Minaal products, for as long as you work with us (and a rebate on products already purchased). You’ll be beta testing the ones in development, too.
    • Responsibility to run key relationships with our shipping/logistics partners (they cool).
    • Full training on our systems, and the tools we use to make things run smoooooth.
    • At the risk of sounding all woo-woo or corporate-cheeze, you’ll get an environment where you’re given opportunity – encouragement, even! – to grow.
    • Other things, if you value them and want to negotiate their inclusion.



Head to the following link to apply for the role – any other method will be ignored: CLOSED FOR APPLICATIONS.

By the way… in the blank final box immediately above the submit button on the form linked above, please type: 190209

This role is an independent contractor position. 



Keep moving,

J, D & the Minaal team.