tl;dr (aka ‘Executive Summary’):

  • Operations & Projects Manager role in a fast-growing e-commerce travel business

  • Work from anywhere you like – help design the role to suit your life

  • Extremely results-focused (vs dictated hours)

  • Needs experience and high levels of initiative

  • That’s probably everything but a fifth bullet point feels like good closure

Minaal is a fast-growing lifestyle brand operating in the travel product industry. We launched – global from Day 1 – in 2013, we've completed (and over-delivered!) two crowdfunding campaigns totalling over $1M, and we're positioned for serious growth and new product launches in the coming year. 

We're looking for an executor – someone who knows how to GSD – to join the Minaal team as our all-seeing, all-knowing Operations & Projects Manager. This role is a remote position and will engage in outcome-driven work across multiple timezones. In addition, the role will be an integral part of the Minaal management team, involves regular interaction with the two co-founders, and will be critical to the team's ability to execute strategy during a period of high growth.

And you?

You’re a tenacious leader, you have deep operational experience with business planning, supply chains and (ideally) product manufacturing, and you're a system-builder who excels as both a self-starter and a team player in a remote work environment.

You can live anywhere with this role, the only requirement being a consistent internet connection and some creative thinking around scheduling.

In short, you're exactly what we're looking for. So it sure is nice to meet you. *tips hat*

  • Collaborate with the Minaal co-founders to translate business strategies, goals and seemingly-crazy ideas into achievable operational programs.

  • Identify areas of efficiency to streamline operations, and potential points of weakness to reinforce the stability and predictability of our supply chain. Extremely results-focused (vs dictated hours).

  • Oversee and be accountable for business operations including supply chain, logistics, inventory planning, resource planning and team needs.

  • Support our product development cycle by designing a system that further integrates customer feedback into new product development, coordinates the timing of the design, sourcing and manufacturing processes, and applies ongoing lessons learned to reinforce the cycle itself.

  • Manage overseas product manager/factory liaison, suppliers and production team to optimize product BOM and timetable.

  • Develop key metrics and reporting structure to evaluate operational performance of the business and make recommendations for improvement.

  • Continue to improve upon - and identify opportunities to expand - our already-collaborative and positive remote team environment.

    We’re super open to different types of candidate. Maybe you:

    • … are on an upward trajectory – you've had significant team responsibilities at a larger company and now you’re more than ready to grab the reins on your own.
    • … held a leadership role at a global consumer goods company, and now want a lifestyle change where you can work from home (or abroad) but still do work you're passionate about and proud of.
    • … consulted for a top-tier consulting firm, and want to bring your business travel experience (carry-on only ftw!) to a fresh, young, nimble organization.
    • … started a company of your own, then realized you prefer to be part of a team.
    • … [insert your amazing background here!]

      In addition, you genuinely love entrepreneurship (read: can handle uncertainty and adapt to fast-changing environments) and helping people achieve their goals.

      You’re at a stage where you’d like to work from home – or anywhere else in the world you happen to land – and you've got the discipline required to make things happen, no matter what.

      You see work as a means for personal growth and want to spend your days alongside good people who keep you sharp. You’re an optimistic problem-solver and find creative ways to achieve results. You’re committed to excellence in everything you do.


      You love using frameworks for decision making. You scope projects before diving in. You’re analytical to your core and love gleaning insights from data that you can turn into actionable business steps.


      You’re a do-er. You’re thoughtful, and thorough. You’re driven by results and data. You’re equally comfortable building a system and managing a team (or hanging out with them in some exotic location!).


      You love creating and continuously optimizing systems and processes across the organization – and across time zones. You know how to find the right talent, cultivate their interest in the company, onboard them properly, and keep them challenged.


      You're not a CFO, but you can go deep on Excel formulas. You see numbers as an opportunity to gain insights into the business, and don't mind crunching data to pull out trends and insights. You know what BOM stands for, and how critical it is to the health of the overall business. You also know to avoid yelling "BOM" repeatedly into the phone at an airport (don't ask...!)


      Your written and verbal communication is exceptionally clear and friendly, and you know how to communicate to people who can’t see your face – one of the most crucial skills in a globally-distributed team.



      We envision this role to begin ASAP. Head to the following link to apply for the role – any other method will be ignored: 


      By the way… in the blank final box immediately above the "SUBMIT" button on the form linked above, please type: 190209.



      Keep moving,

      J, D & the Minaal team.