Ask Minaal Anything, Part 3

We challenged you to Ask Minaal Anything – and you really, really did. Part 3 of this series dives into completely random questions – everything from Hollandaise sauce, to space tourism, to obscure Monty Python references that WE CAUGHT BECAUSE WE SEE YOU TRYING TO TRICK US.

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 Q: Years ago I participated in the first Minaal kickstarter, with dreams of galavanting around the world, yet I’ve never put anything in the bag that only knows my closet (and it is very protected with the rain cover on). Why haven’t I been able to make use of it?

A: First, here's your official OG Kickstarter Backer Trophy. You helped get this whole thing off the ground, so we'll always be grateful.

Kickstarter Backer Trophy

As for why you haven't (yet!) fulfilled those galavanting dreams, we surveyed some random people on the street and will share their guesses here:

  • "They got a dope job that made them really busy for what, like 10 years now?"
  • "They have a fear of flying"
  • "They have a fear of taking the rain cover off which makes it impossible to pack the bag, their father was a weatherman and instilled a lifelong dread of precipitation"
  • "They actually forgot about the bag until you emailed them recently but they don't want to make it awkward by saying that"
  • "The purchase was more about wanting to feel self-identity congruence than representing an actual intent to travel"
  • "Their bag really likes the closet for some reason and gets super grouchy when it gets taken out"
  • "Why are you talking to me at a kebab shop, I don't know you"

Hope that helps!

Q: With thousands and millions of vehicles on the road, where does the rubber tire on the wheel disappear to? Does the road consume or it burns off rubber into thin air?

A: SO glad you asked this because I really really really did not think I'd get the opportunity to use any of the 513 open tabs on my phone: it looks like tyres produce about 3500x(!) more airborne particles than exhausts, in modern cars. 

Q: When space tourism?

A: July 31, 2024.

Q: Biggest f$&k up with a customer?

A: This is a deeply terrifying question, because the honest answer is "I can't remember anything worse than a problem with shipping, meaning the package didn't arrive in time, just before the customer departed for a long trip" but that answer is begging, just BEGGING for thousands of people to jump into the comments and inform me how I've unknowingly yet completely ruined their life.

Q: What are your thoughts on dressing in clashing colors/patterns in a work environment, intentionally, to keep things fresh?

A: Do it. Being unashamedly unfashionable is an absolute power move and to evidence this I've collected some inspiration for you below. Go forth and impress. And also report back with results pls.

Clashing pattern examples

Q: Berlin travel tips?

A: With the usual disclaimer (everyone has different tastes, etc etc) here are some fun (and "fun") things I did or have wanted to do:

  • Do Mauerpark Karaoke
  • Dress up in a last-minute carrot costume for Carnival (when you think of Carnival as a very Brazilian event, it's bewildering to encounter it in Germany)
  • Walk endlessly up and down the Templehof runway in sub-zero temperatures
  • Check out an event at Urban Spree
  • Mix food and dancing at Clärchens Ballhaus
  • Get hopelessly lost and find yourself in a dilapidated table tennis bar at 3:34am

Q: Where do you guys spend most of your time? Still travel a lot? NZ? Some other new home?

A: We're still on the road quite a bit! Currently: Doug mostly poking around Europe, Jimmy based out of Tokyo. Try to make it back to Aotearoa whenever we can :)

Q: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

A: Great question. A European or an African swallow? If European, 38.62kmh (24mph), or 11m (36ft) per second. I haven't yet made it to Africa so haven't collected the necessary data for that species. My apologies.

Q: I was making Hollandaise sauce with my SIL when we had a little whoopsie and my minaal bag was covered in delicious yellow goop. We wiped it up and saved breakfast. Why did my minaal bag get pink/maroon stains from this?

A: First off, is Hollandaise sauce a recipe that requires two people? Is this why my solo efforts have always underwhelmed? More research and testing to follow.

In terms of the stain, best guess is either a) the colouring of the egg yolk (seems unlikely) or b) the acidic ingredients, so either lemon juice or the vinegar reduction. Either of those are relatively reactionary and would cause havoc among the otherwise-peaceful Fabric Weave settlement.

How was the eggs bene, btw?

Eggs Benedict

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