Snapshot: Rob Hanly

by Derek S

It’s easier and cheaper than ever to communicate, collaborate, operate,travel (and even invoice) on the road. Fast, reliable internet access, even in the developing world, has made it possible to live anywhere while growing a profitable business or working at one. While a location independent lifestyle may not be ideal for everyone, it is increasingly accessible to anyone who is determined to learn the skills and discipline that make it possible. In this ongoing series we’ll profile travel junkies, location independent entrepreneurs and one bag living practitioners who have successfully made traveling their way, a way of life.

Rob Hanly

Special Consultant

I work directly with CEOs and Business Owners to grow profits through surgical segmentation, identifying leverage opportunities and reducing costs through streamlined operations.

Years on the road:


Where did you spend most of your time last year?

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Thailand
  • Australia

Is there anywhere you haven’t been that you’re dying to visit?

South America

How do you typically work throughout the day?

I like to work alone 90% of the time and just get shit done. Preferably in one spot for a couple of hours in the morning. Depending on where I am, it will either be a ‘War Room’ I’ve set up (office) or a specific cafe.

What couldn’t you live without on the road?

My yellow legal pad.

Paper for thinking, computer for doing. That’s all there is to it. Computers are a means to an end, not the end in and of itself.

What’s the most challenging thing about what you do?

Remaining ‘on’ to frame and re-frame information as needed, and breaking down existing biases.

Every individual you work with has biases. It might be that their customers are unique, that their company is unique, or that they are the only people in the world doing ‘x’ — and therefore need 100% custom solutions that have never been built before.

The reality is that it is imitate, then innovate. Find what works in similar situations, apply the model, and work from there.

As a result, the reframing I do is about helping individuals see how already existing solutions are actually good for their business, and not marginalising them or their work.

Could you name a book that gave you an edge in life or business?

IntroducingNLP by Joseph O’Connor. It showed me how many different models the world can be viewed through.

Could you share a favorite travel quote?

“Everywhere is nowhere. When a person spends all his time in foreign travel, he> ends by having many acquaintances, but no friends.”


For more about Rob find him online at or on Twitter @robhanly

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