How to find the best crossbody bag for life on the move

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen them around by now — crossbody bags are everywhere this summer.

But do they really live up to the hype? Or are they just another fashion-trend, soon to be forgotten for the next big thing?

Well, if you ask us, there are some definite benefits to using a crossbody bag over any other style.

You just need to find a crossbody bag that’s — firstly — not just style over substance, and — secondly — is the perfect crossbody bag for you.

Which crossbody bag you go for will largely depend on your needs, and what you're hoping to gain.

So, let’s explore that in more detail…

When are you most likely to use a crossbody bag?

A crossbody bag can be quite a departure from the norm, especially for someone who’s used to carrying around a big and bulky load.

Thing is: the hands-free nature of a crossbody bag can be truly liberating — if not a little bizarre at first. So you really need to try it, to experience that for yourself.

But the crossbody bag’s biggest benefit is its flexibility; wear it across your chest or your back, whichever is most comfortable and practical for your day ahead.

And that’s why the crossbody bag has become so omnipresent. The fact it can flex to fit a whole host of different needs and lifestyles means the crossbody style offers something to everyone.

So when would you be most likely to wear one?

Whether you’re a sporty-type or a city slicker; a jetsetter off on an exciting adventure, or just someone who’s looking to keep their possessions a little safer… there’s a perfect crossbody bag out there for you.

Crossbody bags make commuting easy

If you’ve ever had to travel by public transport for work, then you’ll know the pain of being pushed and shoved in a crowded train or bus carriage.

And more often than not, it’s your backpack or handbag that gets caught up in the crowd.

So this is where a crossbody bag comes in handy: no more big, bulky pack obstructing other commuters’ space. Instead, a sleek crossbody bag — worn across your chest for ultimate ease — can help take the hustle and bustle out of your daily grind.

If you could see yourself using a crossbody bag on your commute, keep an eye out for a model with a generous number of pockets.

With these, you can store your phone, credit card and keys in separate compartments — so you’ll never accidentally pull out your keys when you’re trying to pay for the train, or risk dropping your credit card on the bus floor when you want to check your emails.

Crossbody bags are ideal for international travel

You don’t need to be a nomadic backpacker to benefit from a crossbody bag on your next international trip.

We all know what it’s like to be walking through the airport terminal and suddenly think, “Where is my passport!?” — that panic is real! And if you’ve got all your long-haul necessaries stored in a tote bag, it can be a painstaking few minutes of searching before you find your indispensable travel documents.

Never want that panic again? We wouldn’t blame you!

For safe — and super accessible — keeping of all your travel necessities, shop around for a crossbody bag that’s big enough to house your passport, wallet and phone within easy reach.

Some crossbody bags even have transparent or mesh compartments which, although a little dubious in terms of safety, can help you keep a constant eye on your travel docs.

Are you used to traveling heavy when you fly abroad? That’s okay: you needn’t choose one approach over the other. Combine a small-sized crossbody bag — to store everything you need at hands-reach — as well as a backpack or tote bag for your water bottle, snacks, book, etc.

Simply find what works for you!

The best crossbody bags give you added security

You could be commuting your everyday route, or traveling in a new country — wherever you are, we all need to be more aware these days of the possessions we carry.

Now, that’s not to say that your local neighborhood is dangerous — but if you can protect yourself even a tiny bit more, why wouldn’t you?

That’s another great thing about crossbody bags — they sit snugly against your body, especially when worn across your chest. This means you can keep your valuables much closer to you than with most other styles of bag.

So what features should you prioritize, if you’re wanting a crossbody bag to bring added safety? Elements such as concealed zips, hidden pockets, and subtle branding will really help here.

Remember: you don’t want a bag style that yells out too much, as this will attract unwanted attention.

When you’re wearing your crossbody bag, make sure you keep the strap clip somewhere you can see. If not, you risk someone coming up behind you and unclipping your bag before you’re able to stop them.

They should also be built to last

As crossbody bags are this summer’s trend du jour, there will be a lot of models on the market right now which are simply not built to last.

If you’re looking to bring a crossbody bag into your wardrobe for years to come, you want to avoid low-quality options and look for a style with durability.

So how can you tell the difference?

Assess the crossbody bags you’re browsing through, rejecting any that look to be made of thin or cheap material. Another thing to consider is the strap – does it look wide enough to last, or will it fray and ultimately snap? The seller's warranty policy can often give you a good idea of durability.

You also want your crossbody bag to be comfortable, if you’re going to wear it year after year. So think about strap width here, too. Is it likely to dig into your chest or back when you’re wearing it? Is the strap long or short enough to sit comfortably on your torso?

Durability and wearability are crucial factors to consider, no matter how you're planning to use your new crossbody bag. Keep these things front-of-mind when shopping, and you’ll find the perfect crossbody bag in no time.