Ask Minaal Anything, Part 1

We challenged you to Ask Minaal Anything – and while we put together more in-depth responses to common product questions, here are some questions that didn't fit neatly into a category.

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Q: Which royal does Jimmy most resemble – James II, Henry VIII, or Richard I?

A: Depends whether we're talking the dashing early-stage or, uh, 'not so dashing' late-stage Henry VIII. So given that confusion, plus the lack of reliable portraits of Richard I, plus the name, we'll have to go with that monster James II (don't @ me James II stans)

King James II luggage policy

Q: [Various questions about a roller luggage pass-through feature :)]

A: We explored a ton of options for integrating this feature into the bags, but in the end, every option was going to negatively impact another core feature, and based on feedback about those features, we weren't willing to make that sacrifice. Not ruling anything out though! In the meantime, here's one community example that we liked: 

Q: Any plan to upgrade the 3.0 Carry-on to 4.0?

A: Eventually, yes! But not in the short term. 2.0 to 3.0 was 5 years, so we've got form with the longer timelines :) This approach is to give us an opportunity to see how each new feature and component performs over time with large-scale, real-world usage, meaning fewer defects and a better experience overall compared to rushing to release another version.

Q: What is your favorite dinosaur?

A: Maybe not the most fashionable choice, but I was always a sucker for Triceratops. And I wasn't the only one:


Q: Why is the interior of the Crossbody Bag black? It’s so hard to find things in a bag with black insides.

A: I often use my Crossbody at night, so I feel this one. The lining fabric of the Crossbody is actually a byproduct of the manufacturing process for a different fabric. It would go straight to landfill if we didn't use it, which blew our minds given the excellent performance it provides. The one downside? It can't be produced in multiple colours! So we're keeping an eye out for alternative fabrics in case one opens up some colour options without sacrificing performance (or requiring huge minimum order quantities).

Q: What sleep mask do you recommend?

A: We're fans of the Manta.

Q: Test

A: Test success confirmed. Good luck out there.

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Which bag is best for work when I must carry two 15.6 laptops related chargers and a document camera?
Minaal replied:
Hi Fred! Apologies for the delayed reply.

Depending on the thickness of your laptops, I’d say the Daily 3.0 <> would be your best option. It’s sized and styled to suit typical workplace environments, and it has a DeviceNest which can fit two 16" MacBook Pros or smaller. The document camera should be able to fit in either the device compartment or the main compartment.

Fred September 15, 2022

I really appreciate the methodical approach to upgrades. So many brands are starting to do this planned obsolescence thing where they tweak one or two things about a bag and they release a new model before the old models have had a chance to really get scuffed up.
Minaal replied:
Thanks Miguel – completely agree. Planned obsolescence is a travesty and I feel like it ultimately comes back to bite the companies that use it as a sales mechanism.

Miguel September 15, 2022

A Challenge if you choose to accept it: Take the backpack/slingpack etc to do an overnight trip to an urban location & outback bushcraft locatrion and put it through its paces as its content, durability, functionality & multiplt usage.
Reviews in a controlled enviroment is basically marketing & promotional presentation. The real test is when it is use outside, outdoors reflectingits flexibility. Stay Cool. Stay True. Carry Proud.

True fan in Australia.
Minaal replied:
Hi Mohd,

Challenge accepted :)

We’d really like to do some sort of test like you describe, and film the whole experience – showing the bag being put to work in a rugged environment.

Best wishes from across the Ditch!

Mohd Haffandi-Fendi September 15, 2022

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