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If you’re digitally wandering, dazed, wondering why you’re here, this is your tonic. Minaal.com is a site – and, all going to plan, a community -built around the concept of smart, efficient and productive travel.

Sounds great, but what do those words actually mean? Well, plenty of things. We like to see it broadly: chasing the endless dream of minimising hassle, cost and delay in the travel experience, thus maximising your travel pleasure and productivity.

We focus on ways to make your roamings easier. We’ve been there – we know the problems and we’ve had to find (or build!) our own solutions.We thought some of those solutions were good enough to share.

Minaal, as it turns out, is also a name meaning “To reach your destination.

Perfect, right?


In September of 2013, we launched our first large-scale project. It’s a carry-on bag that opens flat to pack like a suitcase. Actually, it can open and pack pretty much any way you like, thanks to the full-length double zippers.There’s plenty more under the hood; and it all focuses on keeping you moving faster, moving happier and getting out of your way, so you can enjoy the ride.

Take a look at the video:

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“So,” they sniff, dismissively, dipping overripe grapes in caviar, “just another minimalist blog?”

Nah, that’s not our gig. While trawling the net – and the world – we’ve been craving a wider philosophical approach to work and travel – an approach that takes into account the wildly varied reasons you get on a plane/train/boat/rickshaw to set foot on The Other Side.

There are aspects of object-minimalism we can all utilise – and it’s an undeniably valuable school of thought – but we know you won’t always want to pack everything you own inside three thousand jacket pockets, or set off with no plans and five bucks, dressed in a pair of tatty zipoff pants.

Sometimes, style sells. Pretty much every single time, smart gadgets and gear are good. They’re most useful when you’ve got somewhere to be, projects to complete and/or people to impress.

The ability to work from the road is a lifestyle choice, and it’s one we couldn’t live without. Whether you’re working too, or just love efficient travel, take a look at the full outline of our fight against travel drag to find out more.

See you on the road.

Jimmy, Doug, & the Minaal Team

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