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Minaal Labs is a collection of projects, events, and collaborations that get our curiosity flowing and our hearts pumping. The first edition is ‘Movers & Makers’ - intensive in-person research sessions where we learned about how a group of people operating at the height of their potential manage to push the limits of travel, remote work, productivity, minimalism, and more.

Minaal Labs - Tynan - Discussions with movers and makers.

Cost Of Travel

People go on vacations and what they're trying to do is have a more fancy life.


I would rather deal with those extremely infrequent events than carry twice as much stuff.


Vegas is a great place for me to get to work, and I love that everybody comes through Vegas.


One day he says, "You live in there, don't you?".


A meal is almost always the same length... tea can be a huge range of time.

Transit Friction

The ability to fly is such an amazing thing that I really just don't care about anything else.

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