Attachable Hip Pads 3.0

36,95 EUR

Attachable Hip Pads 3.0

36,95 EUR
Color: Aoraki Black


Adds support to the Carry-on 3.0 or Carry-on 2.0.

Spreads shoulder load to your hips for easier carry

Ultra-lightweight (5oz / 150g) with multi-layer EVA foam

Covered by Minaal's Lifetime Warranty

The latest version of our attachable hip pads add extra points of support to your Carry-on 2.0 or 3.0.

If you're into spontaneous hikes — or like to take extra weight off your shoulders when you explore a new city — these hip pads are for you. Clip them to your Carry-on's purpose-built loops, and remove them at will. Two layers of soft, supportive EVA foam provide plenty of cushioning for your hips, and the ergonomic design spreads the load to additional contact points on your body — leaving you fresher after a long day of walking.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cassie B. (Raleigh, US)
Hip straps added support

Loving the hip straps. Secure and made my bag manageable during a week long trek around Germany. Easy to tuck away and zip up inside of the bag too. Thanks!

Erich H. (Marietta, US)
Carry On 3.0 - Intriguing designs and features. Didn’t meet the needs in the end.

I bought this bag for its size, unique features and it’s fantastic minimalist style. I was stoked when it arrived right up until comparing it with the Heimplanet 34L I had on hand.

The exterior may be improved from previous versions, but it’s still a lent magnet compared to others on the market. The tech compartment’s adjustability is a neat feat. My test pack proved it will hold 2-16” devices, just not as securely as the Heimplanet. I found the tech accessory storage to also be lacking. Thr other compartment was even more revealing as the Minaal packed out a full change of clothing less.

I did appreciate the theft deterrent nature of the zipper pulls, compression straps and that the the rain cover sealed it all away. However, the zippers themselves aren’t as smooth as the competition. The strap stow system is nice, but the exposed zippers in backpack mode, not so much. These are all the reasons I returned the bag and decided to stick with the Heimplanet.

Bob B. (Salt Lake City, US)
on not losing your hip pads

My first flight since pandemic began. Hip pads would finally get some use. Except when unloading my pack from the car one pad fell out and was lost. No hip pads on this trip. Recommendation: Could not a compact simple location for the hip pads be added? - Maybe something as simple as velcro straps on the back side of the shoulder straps compartment

Mike B. (New Market, US)
Nice Touch!

Why do I love and use these products? They are FUN! Clever and innovative design. Great workmanship and materials. Be sure to watch videos to be sure you are aware of ALL the cool features. Review from time to time since new needs arise depending on travel circumstances AND you will likely be surprised how Minaal’s clever design will probably accommodate those new uses. I carry these for use when the trekking will be extended and the weight will be significant. It allows the pack to ride as one with your body. Used in Nepal for trek up to a lodge — rather than allowing the “lady sherpas” to carry my stuff — it all rode comfortably in the Carry-on 2.0 WITH the hip belt.

Lucie (. (Montreal, CA)
Good investment

I have back problems and buying these hip pads help a lot when I carry my carry-on 2 for a long period of time.

Taj (Denver, US)
I hiked from 3 miles in San Francisco

These are must-have. I have the Carry-on 2.0 and used it extensively this last winter as I traveled to San Francisco every week. On one particularly brutal week of hotel prices, I opted for an AirBnB next to Alamo Square Park. After a full day of travel and working downtown, I opted to walk to my home for the week … all 2.9 miles of the uphill trek. My pack was heavy, because it holds a lot and I hadn't yet learned how to be chill when I pack for the week. I was a little tired at the end of my hike, but I wasn't weary. These hip pads, plus the strap adjustment on the bag, let me put the weight where it belonged.

I can't imagine going far without these in place. They're helpful at the airport when you have a long walk to the gate. But you can clip them behind you to get them out of the way when you just need to hoist the bag and go.

• Net Weight: 0.15kg / 5.29oz

• LxWxH: 22 x 8 x 4 cm

• Fits waist sizes: 61-136cm / 24-54in

• Works with the Carry-on 2.0 and Carry-on 3.0

• Constructed from two layers of soft, supportive EVA foam

• Ergonomic design spreads the load to additional contact points on your body

• Rugged Woojin buckle

100% vegan components

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