Crossbody 2.0 Bag

231.00 NZD

Crossbody 2.0 Bag

231.00 NZD
Color: Aoraki Black


Keep all your valuables within reach when traveling

Wears equally well on your front, back, and sides

Secret pockets for secret-ing

Hand-made with best-in-class components

Covered by Minaal's Lifetime Warranty

The Crossbody 2.0 is built for easy access and organization. It keeps the tools you need within reach — for your flight, your hike, and your happy hour.

It's the bag for situations where you don't want to wear a bag. For stashing just the essentials. For cycling, for crowded trams, festivals, exploring a hilly city on a hot day, and meandering along the beach at sunset with your favorite dog or human (poop bags only required for the dog, hopefully).

Not just a 2L sling bag for exploring, the Crossbody 2.0 also functions as an ultra-portable travel bag on flights, keeping your gear on your lap and giving a sneaky amount of extra capacity. After all, when's the last time you saw a gate agent weigh a crossbody bag?

Here are the upgrades we made to the 2.0 version of the Crossbody:

  • New Picton v2 fabric, with increased abrasion resistance (and now made from recycled plastic bottles!)
  • New secret pocket for your extra valuables
  • Light gray contrast lining in secret and nested compartments, to help you locate what you need in the moment
  • Lighter weight metal hardware, to help you breeze through the day
  • More subtle (and super cool looking, though we may be biased) black UV print logo
  • New Sierra Khaki color option
  • Many small tweaks & improvements throughout the bag

If you're looking for a durable, organized crossbody travel bag, the Crossbody 2.0 is at your service.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
D. (Auckland, NZ)
Love it. No idea why I snoozed on it for so long.

Having been a happy owner of a Carry On 1.0 and Daily bag for many years now, the Crossbody was to me the one felt I needed to complete the set - one for longer trip, one for shorter trips, and one for EDC. I couldn’t bring myself to stump up for the Crossbody until I got the email about the 2.0 - that seemed as good an excuse as any. And now I have it, I don’t know how or why I went so long without. It perfectly fits all the little essentials I’d rather not load my pockets with. The perfect utility piece.

Excellent sling!

Ever since cargo pants went out of style, it's always been a challenge to stuff everything in your pockets (especially if you don't like using your back pockets for security reasons). I've always made do but frequently found myself having issues even with the minimal essentials of keys/phone/wallet - at least 2 of them end up getting squished into the same front pocket, making not only for a tight fit and scratching stuff up, but also risking dropping one item while accessing the other.
I'd liked the concept of slings but never really did much research until last year. After doing some research, I went to a specialized carry store that carries many popular brands such as Aer, Evergoods, and Bellroy (unfortunately they did not have Minaal) and tried on some slings. Besides the obvious visual things such as colorways and shape, I noticed that there are a lot of details in the bag design, from the internal organization to zipper choices to buckle mechanism to the way the bag carries on your body. I tried on a bunch of bags but had reservations/concerns with all of the ones I tried on. However, I realized that for me, and probably for many people, the ~2L size was just about perfect. Anything smaller you lose a good deal of functionality. Anything larger and you're losing minimalism/just carrying around a bag.
Anyway, during my search I subscribed to the mailing lists of a few brands, including Minaal's. Fast forward a few months and I get an email about the new Crossbody 2.0. I was already in the market, and since I really liked Minaal's aesthetic and loved the copywriting in their emails, I was sold.
The bag itself is great. It has a lower profile than many of the other 2L bags I tried on. It can easily fit way more than you can fit in your pockets (e.g., phone, travel documents, earbuds, tissues). You can easily fit mailing envelopes in the inner (secret?) compartment, and since the bag is relatively flat, they won't get crumpled. The bag is also large enough to fit a water bottle or folding umbrella (NB since the bag is soft, large ones may slightly distort the outside/be visible).
I'm 100% satisfied with this bag.

W.J. (Castro Valley, US)
My new crossbody

I think my first crossbody bag was the V1 of this bag, and I've had about 4 since then, with some of them sometimes replacing my V1. But, I'm back with the V2. I don't notice that much of a difference, although, I do like the 2nd "secret" pocket. So, if you have the V1, you may not have a reason to upgrade.

It's the perfect size most of the time - just big enough to hold my eReader or iPad mini, plus my essentials.

W.B. (Dublin, IE)
Superb crossbody 2.0 bag!

This is my errand bag. I adore the simplistic style, and the materials and craftsmanship are of high quality! This bag is the perfect size to carry all of my essentials. As always, a satisfied customer here!

A.H.F. (Portland, US)
Quick access to what I need

Got this before our trip to South America and used the heck out of it. The pockets on the end were far more convenient for cards than I expected. It was so nice to have my passport and ticket available during boarding without having to dig through my bigger bag. Having a place for my sunglasses while exploring meant I actually took them and had a much more enjoyable time. While one gate agent did ask me to combine it into my Daily 1.0 bag, most just ignored it.

Since I got home, I was able to use it along with the Daily 1.0 to for a two day work trip, the slight amount of extra space was just what I needed instead of a separate roll-aboard.

Alex H. (Durham, US)
Stylish and functional

Thank you Minaal! I'm loving the Crossbody. I searched a while to find the right one and this is it.

• Capacity: 2L (see our note on capacity)

• Weight: 290 g / 0.65 lb

• Dimensions: 30 x 5 x 15cm / 11.8 x 2.0 x 5.9in

• Custom Picton™️ 600D core fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles

• Light gray contrast lining in secret and nested pockets makes finding stuff a breeze

• Layered internal organisation helps you find what you need at a glance

• 2x secret pockets keep your valuables secure

• Magnetic quick-release clip for one-handed removal

• Stretch-fabric connection wings for extra comfort

• High-tenacity 38 mm adjustable webbing strap will never fray or break

• Rugged, ultra-light metal hardware

• 100% vegan components

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