Digital Nomad Packing List: What to Bring and Why

Packing the Minaal Carry-onFor a lot of us, the work environment has evolved dramatically in the last few years.

We’ve seen a boom in hybrid and remote work, giving many employees the opportunity to travel and work from (almost!) anywhere. That movement has given rise to a whole new set of problems and solutions. Employers have adjusted workflows to help integrate remote work. Countries all over the world have started issuing Digital Nomad Visas. And the popularity of co-working spaces is obvious to anyone trying to reserve a seat!

However, despite the rapid change, remote workers and digital nomads are inevitably experiencing the same stress-inducing issues that all travelers have experienced. One way to minimize stress is to pack well. So what should you pack for your journey? No stress - we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to find out what to bring – and why – while working as a digital nomad.

Packing Tech

Putting laptop in Minaal Carry-on 2.0It might feel too obvious to mention, but it’s vital to remember to safely pack your work essentials. One of the worst packing experiences a digital nomad can have is arriving at a destination to find a dead laptop... and no charger. It’s an easy mistake to make – the pressure of work when coupled with the stress of travel can mess with your memory!

Whether you have to pack laptops, cameras, chargers and cords, or any other work-related technology, be sure to double-check you have everything packed safely and securely for your monthly rentals. If you’re worried about tangling cords or fragile screens, invest in a Tech Toolcase to keep everything safe and organized during your travels.

Seasonal Packing

Putting Packing Cubes into Minaal Carry-onSome nomads travel from place to place constantly, curiosity leading from a place covered in snow to another in baking heat. That means it's not easy to know what types of weather you'll encounter within the next few months, so it’s smart to pack with versatility in mind. This goes beyond just warm but lightweight base layers that cover three seasons – it holds true for the accessories you pack as well. Accessories like UV-protecting sunglasses are important all year round, whether to shield your eyes from the summer sun or the glare of freshly fallen snow.

Ensuring that you're well-prepped for whatever the world may throw at you – without overpacking – is critical. Durable packing cubes will help keep everything organized and make it easier to locate what you need, when you need it.

Packing for Wellness

Makeup inside Minaal Tech ToolcasNomads and frequent travelers alike know all too well the importance of keeping hygiene products, allergy relief medications, and other health-related needs securely packed.

But our health needs seem to be constantly expanding. What used to be a simple toiletry bag is now often a full ensemble including supplements, diagnostic accessories, and a lot more. Being able to craftily pack a bag is a skill not all of us have, even some of the most experienced travelers. So don't expect perfection first time :)

To help, try accessorizing your bag with extender straps to create the space needed for larger items (for example, a yoga mat ) and save room inside your bag for more fragile stuff.

Packing the Extras

Travel in Mexico with MinaalWe aren’t finished yet! Some items tend to slip our minds, especially when bogged down with work, travel, and day-to-day stress. It’s easy to remember the things you can’t go without, but it’s far easier to ignore the “extras.”

Different kinds of nomads have different kinds of needs. Doing the research to know exactly what you need is an important part of the nomad journey.

Oftentimes, travelers rely on their cell phones and surroundings to provide what they need, however, access to "simple needs" is more complicated when working remotely, especially in more unfamiliar places. 

If you need more space for the stuff you want to bring, our Whole Hog bundle is the ultimate digital nomad toolkit for long-term travel into unfamiliar surroundings.

Once you know where you're headed, take a few minutes to brainstorm what you might need. Research the area you're visiting and adjust your packing list accordingly.

Ready to Roll

Now that your bag is packed, and you’re fully prepared for your journey, it’s time to double-check everything. Putting together a packing list is a great way to avoid forgetting things.

Another good habit to get in is re-checking your gear as you unpack at your destination and while packing again before leaving.

If you found this helpful, and are looking for more tips, check out our list of The 10 Most Underrated Spots for Digital Nomads.

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