Whole Hog Bundle 3.0

819 USD 913 USD
Color: Vancouver Grey

The Whole Hog bundle includes a Carry-on 3.0, Daily 3.0, Packing Cubes, a Shirt Protector, a Tech Toolcase, an RFID Travel Wallet, and Attachable Hip Pads. If you're an absolute legend who likes to be ready for adventures great and small, this is the bundle for you.


The Carry-on 3.0 is the long-awaited successor to the 2.0 — and we’re seriously excited about it. The tech compartment now opens flat. Rugged new zippers and pull tabs also make it even easier to open/close, even when it’s tightly packed. The bottle holder is elasticated to open wider, fitting a wider variety of bottle shapes and sizes.


With the Daily 3.0, it’s never been easier to hustle between the train, the gym, and the office. A new snap system for hiding the shoulder straps means you can instantly switch between regular backpack mode and ultra-professional briefcase mode.


Fit more stuff into less space with these feather-light packing cubes. Add functionality to your bag by compressing your clothing and keeping everything firmly in place. Pack and unpack with lightning speed, make the most of your bag's capacity, and organize your essentials by dividing them among different cubes.


Keeping shirts, suits, and dresses wrinkle-free is one of the great challenges of modern travel. The Shirt Protector helps you reduce clothes-wrinkling caused by travel, for up to eight of your favorite shirts or similar items. Attach it to purpose-built loops inside your Carry-on or Daily — and prevent your best clothes from sliding around and getting creased or crushed by everything else you pack.


Protect and organize your tech (or cosmetics) while you're on the move. Whether it's laptop chargers or toiletries, your most important and fragile gear will be contained in a protective, easy-to-carry case that can be instantly retrieved from your bag – and packed away at a moment's notice.


Give your passport the protection it needs to stay valid — no matter where you take it. Built from durable, scratch-resistant vegan leather that looks immaculate even after hundreds of journeys, this wallet is big enough to hold your banknotes, cards, and passport — and small enough to fit in your pocket. It also fits in the secret pocket of the Carry-on and Daily.


Our attachable hip pads add extra points of support to your bag. If you're into spontaneous hikes — or like to take extra weight off your shoulders when you explore a new city — these hip pads are for you. Clip them to your Carry-on's purpose-built loops, and remove them at will.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
GERALD G. (Valencia, ES)
Best gear I could wish for

The bag bundle is perfect for my permanent travel. Perfect size, perfect features, perfect look, perfect quality. It's always a pleasure to use it. I feel like I will be using it for decades.

Xavier (Heilsbronn, DE)
Never received it

Never received the Bag Bundle 3.0.

I'm a big fan of my Minaal 2.0 bags (have both, and use them extensively), so when I got the chance to order the 3.0, it was pretty much a no-brainer to me.

But then when it came to delivery, it somehow got stuck in German customs. I reached out to both the customs officials and Minaal, but in the end nobody felt responsible, I don't have my bag, and I didn't get my money back.
At some point I was just tired of it and gave up.

So 0/5 would probably not buy again.

Laurent T. (Kain, BE)
Perfect bag for every use case

I've discovered Minaal thx to Youtube video showing marketing strategies that the company used for lauching the first bag.
When I've watched on the website, I was fan of the history of the founders.
I've stayed in New Zealand for 3 months on holiday and I love the fashion around digital nomad with this kind of bags.
I was worried about the price... Really expensive for my budget.
I pre-ordered the 3.0 and now... I'm really happy of it. With the time, I noticed I've used mostly the little one (bigger one is only for travelling a few days).
This bags are with me all the time and if I had to choose another bag, I'll buy Minaal again and again ! Even if I become one day an influencer, I'd like to work with this brand.
See you from Belgium

Anonymous (Shibuya, JP)
Bags are amazing - get them and enjoy!

Im not good with doing long paragraphs for reviews - so here’s what you need to know:

- the daily 3.0 is an actual daily bag - with actual good backpack straps (comfy foam).
- the rain cover is something you’ll never realised you needed until you use it - then you cant live without it
- the zips are top notch - no jams!
- pocket sizes make sense - you can fit glasses cases (multiple) no issues on the front plus pens.
- light!
- easy to open up to take laptops and tablet for scanning for customs/immigration

The carryon:
- one bag travel is 100% doable - I’ve done it for a week trip.
- also light.
- yes you can fit the daily into the carryon.

The bags are more expensive compared to others but they are far superior to what I’ve had before. They also last (i still have my daily 2.0 that is used by my relatives after 4 years of using it).

Get the bags, and you wont have to worry about traveling around :)

Chad W. (Tucson, US)
Great bags, high quality and excellent design

I have three minaal bags now, and love them all.

Mark K. (Walsall, GB)
Two options, same great quality !

Upgraded from single carry on 2.0.
Can’t beat them!!!


• Comes with our lifetime warranty against defects

• Net Weight: 1.41kg / 3.12lb

• LxWxH: 55cm x 35cm x 20cm / 21.6in x 13.7in x 7.87in (fully packed)

• Capacity: 35L – learn more

NEW 600D Picton™ fabric, made from recycled yarn, is even tougher and attracts less hair and fluff

NEW 1200D Picton™ fabric reinforces high-abrasion areas

NEW re-engineered Unified Harness™, built from the inside out for ultimate comfort

NEW integrated secret pocket, designed to keep your valuables or the Minaal RFID Travel Wallet safe, yet always within easy reach

• Our patented DeviceNest™ shock-proof double device sleeve, fits up to 16" laptops & 16 devices 

• Woojin & UTX alloy buckles

• Lie-flat clamshell scoop increases capacity and helps with faster packing and unpacking

• 4-point harness adjustment system for extra comfort and body-type adaptation

Works with our attachable Hip Pads, Packing Cubes, Shoulder Sling, Shirt Protector, Toolcases, RFID Travel Wallet, and Extender Straps.

• Compliant with both US and European airline carry-on limits

• Made with Triple Bottom Line business principles


• Comes with our lifetime warranty against defects

• Net Weight: 0.98kg / 2.16lb

• LxWxH: 43 x 32 x 16cm / 16.9 x 12.6 x 6.3in (fully packed)

• Capacity: 21L – learn more

NEW 600D Picton™ fabric, made from recycled yarn, is even tougher and attracts less hair and fluff

NEW re-engineered Unified Harness™, built from the inside out for ultimate comfort

NEW integrated secret pocket, designed to keep your valuables or the Minaal RFID Travel Wallet safe, yet always within easy reach

NEW strap hide snap lets you instantly convert to briefcase-style business mode

• Our patented DeviceNest™ shock-proof double device sleeve, fits up to 16" laptops & 13" devices 

• Woojin & UTX buckles

Fits inside Minaal Carry-on 3.0 (and 2.0) when empty

• Compliant with both US and European airline carry-on limits

Works with our Packing Cubes, Shoulder Sling, Shirt Protector, Toolcases, and RFID Travel Wallet.

• Made with Triple Bottom Line business principles

We offer a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing defects. If your gear has a defect, we’ll organise a repair or send you a replacement – anywhere in the world.

Find out more here.

Looking for more info about the 3.0 bags? We've built deep-dive pages which cover the Carry-on 3.0 and Daily 3.0 in depth.

Picton™ Fabric

The best bag for the environment is the one that lasts the longest. That’s why Picton™ fabric – our specialist core material – not only uses recycled yarn, but gives a whole new meaning to "tough".

What else? It's sourced from a bluesign®-certified supplier. It's incredibly water-resistant. And unlike many bag fabrics, it isn't a magnet for lint or cat hair.


All our gear comes with a lifetime warranty.

We call it the Kauri Guarantee – inspired by the enormous, venerable tree of that name found in New Zealand.