Flashpacker Bundle 3.0

393 USD 437 USD

Flashpacker Bundle 3.0

393 USD 437 USD
Color: Vancouver Grey


The Carry-on 3.0 protects up to 2 x 16" laptops in its shock-proof DeviceNest™

The Packing Cubes are sized to perfectly fit the bag

The Hip Pads take weight off your shoulders

Compliant with both US and European airline carry-on limits

Includes a free Rain Cover (worth 49 USD)

Covered by Minaal's Lifetime Warranty

The Flashpacker bundle includes a Carry-on 3.0, Attachable Hip Pads, and Packing Cubes. Equally at home in airport terminals, cobbled streets, or mountain trails, the Flashpacker keeps you ready for anything.


The Carry-on 3.0 is the long-awaited successor to the 2.0 — and we’re seriously excited about it. The tech compartment now opens flat. Rugged new zippers and pull tabs also make it even easier to open/close, even when it’s tightly packed. The bottle holder is elasticated to open wider, fitting a wider variety of bottle shapes and sizes.


Our attachable hip pads add extra points of support to your bag. If you're into spontaneous hikes — or like to take extra weight off your shoulders when you explore a new city — these hip pads are for you. Clip them to your Carry-on's purpose-built loops, and remove them at will.


Fit more stuff into less space with these feather-light packing cubes. Add functionality to your bag by compressing your clothing and keeping everything firmly in place. Pack and unpack with lightning speed, make the most of your bag's capacity, and organize your essentials by dividing them among different cubes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
W.R. (Chesapeake, US)
"The Best Yet" - Minaal customer since 2014

This is the best Minaal yet—the little details make all the difference. I own the 1.0, have gifted the 2.0, and now have the 3.0. Basically they fixed the little annoyances and upgraded things I didn't know I wanted. They upgraded the laptop harness and makes it accessible from either direction. The passport hidden pocket has spoiled me. And don't get me started on those zippers—my original have taken eight years of abuse with never a tear nor a problem. Bottom line: the 3.0 is worth it.

Patrick B. (Lima, PE)
Stellar - Big enough to travel endlessly, small enough to fit everywhere

Seriously glad I found this bag! I've been travelling non-stop for the past year to over 10 countries and this has come with everywhere without complaining on being shoved into tight spots, dropped onto pavements/rocks/dusty floors, and overloaded (gotta bring back gifts!).

The pockets are cleverly designed, and there always seems to be a little extra nook that you can take advantage of.

I love the laptop section and that I don't need to worry about it smashing to pieces. I love the hidden pocket on the back where I can keep extra money, passport, and other valuables (please don't rob me!).

I'll admit I was a little hesitant to purchase at first due to the price but I'm so happy I did because this truly feels like a bag for life (not-withstanding their incredible life-time guarantee).

Bravo minaal team, truly stellar product!

denny j. (New York, US)
Excellent backpack for minimalist travel with plenty of space. Almost perfect.

Just spent two weeks testing the 30L backpack on a trip to many parts of Ukraine. The backpack works extremely well. It is very easy to get stuff out without opening everything up, especially the computer sleeve. Holds more than you would think. The backstraps are comfortable. Did not get a chance to try the waist strap, as the other straps did the job real well. How to make it perfect - 1 - fix the water bottle sleeve. It is too small and not as good as others. I just used a carabiner to strap the handle of the water bottle to the side carry strap of the backpack. 2 - Add a light mesh cover over the area with the packing cubes. That way, it can be opened either way. Plus, it is nice to put smaller items between the packing cubes and that would keep them in place better when opening. Regardless, it will be my go to pack for worldwide travel. Thanks!

Luke. R. (Geelong, AU)
Travel at its most efficient

You get what you pay for has been something I have respected as long as I can remember and while this not the cheapest pack out there it is in my opinion the best value. After much research into the multitude of brands and features available there were a few things that put this at the top. Firstly for a one bag travel contender dimensions and weight are up there in rating, box tick number one. Materials and hardware, no complaints there and then there is the design. Full clamshell, fantastic laptop storage and stowable/coverable shoulder straps which are a must to prevent snagging during transit. Finish off with the warranty and how could you say no! Looking forward to many good memories with these bags in tow.

Cameron S. (Vancouver, CA)

This bag was a game-changer during my trip. Initially, I doubted its capacity and considered buying an extra smaller bag for my purchases.

However, as I used it more, it seemed to accommodate more items, including my new purchases.

I liked its simplicity and the way the straps tuck away when placing it overhead. Upon returning home, I was so impressed that I bought the smaller daily bag to complete the set.

Kenji O. (Quezon City, PH)
I can never use normal back packs again now

Never had a travel back pack before and wow does it make a world of difference.

I carry a 15 inch laptop, 15 inch external monitor and external keyboard and mouse on top of all my travel gear.

Customer support is also the best of all backpack brands.

Would recommend 11/10.

Anything you need they can help with.


• Comes with our lifetime warranty against defects

• Net Weight: 1.41kg / 3.12lb

• LxWxH: 55cm x 35cm x 20cm / 21.6in x 13.7in x 7.87in (fully packed)

• Capacity: 35L – learn more

NEW 600D Picton™ fabric, made from recycled yarn, is even tougher and attracts less hair and fluff

NEW 1200D Picton™ fabric reinforces high-abrasion areas

NEW re-engineered Unified Harness™, built from the inside out for ultimate comfort

NEW integrated secret pocket, designed to keep your valuables or the Minaal RFID Travel Wallet safe, yet always within easy reach

• Our patented DeviceNest™ shock-proof double device sleeve, fits up to 16" laptops & 16" devices 

• Woojin & UTX alloy buckles

• Lie-flat clamshell scoop increases capacity and helps with faster packing and unpacking

• 4-point harness adjustment system for extra comfort and body-type adaptation

Works with our attachable Hip Pads, Packing Cubes, Shoulder Sling, Shirt Protector, Toolcases, RFID Travel Wallet, and Extender Straps.

• Compliant with both US and European airline carry-on limits

• Made with Triple Bottom Line business principles

100% vegan components

We offer a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing defects. If your gear has a defect, we’ll organise a repair or send you a replacement – anywhere in the world.

Find out more here.

Looking for more info about the 3.0 bags? We've built deep-dive pages which cover the Carry-on 3.0 and Daily 3.0 in depth.

Picton™ Fabric

The best bag for the environment is the one that lasts the longest. That’s why Picton™ fabric – our specialist core material – not only uses recycled yarn, but gives a whole new meaning to "tough".

What else? It's sourced from a bluesign®-certified supplier. It's incredibly water-resistant. And unlike many bag fabrics, it isn't a magnet for lint or cat hair.


All our gear comes with a lifetime warranty.

We call it the Kauri Guarantee – inspired by the enormous, venerable tree of that name found in New Zealand.