Daily 3.0 Bag

289 USD

Daily 3.0 Bag

289 USD
Color: Vancouver Grey


Protect up to 2x16" laptops in shock-proof DeviceNest™

Compliant with US, EU, and APAC airline carry-on limits

Includes a free Rain Cover (worth $49 USD)

Covered by Minaal's Lifetime Warranty

You encounter a range of environments every day — and the Daily 3.0 is built with all of them in mind. It’s never been easier to hustle between the train, the gym, and the office: a new snap system for hiding the shoulder straps means you can instantly switch between regular backpack mode and ultra-professional briefcase mode.

The new Unified Harness shoulder straps are crazy comfortable — making it that much easier to walk across the city with your laptop. And our all-new Picton fabric is better at withstanding rough terrain (it’s 22% more resistant to tearing) as well as things like cat hair or construction dust (it's extra lint-resistant, too).

We’ve made dozens of other improvements to the previous version, which you can read about in detail here. Years of testing and thoughtful user feedback have contributed to a revamped design that makes being on the move even easier, faster, and more enjoyable than before. Rush-hour transit, spontaneous weekend getaway, or paired with the Carry-on 3.0 to unlock bundle pricing — it’s your ideal everyday companion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
J. (Cleveland, US)
For the next version, improve strap management

Great bag, but the floppiness and dangling have room for improvement, especially the chest strap. I've wrapped the chest strap in a way that works for me, but Minaal charges its customers a premium for its minimal, clean aesthetic. At version 3.0, It’s not delivering. When you charge customers nearly $300 for a small daily carry backpack, you've set a high bar for yourself.

Gilberto R. (Bellflower, US)
Daily 3.0 is a perfect day and over night bag

I got the Daily 3.0 for my trip to Colombia and it was better than expected. I used it to hold clothes and personal items. Although it looks slim, it had more room than expected. I took it to the jungle of Minca and the historic city of Cartagena - it was a perfect bag for both trips.

Z.O. (Woodbridge, US)
Versatile & Durable

Big fan! Take this bag everywhere—literally. It’s my work bag (I am military and carry too much to base everyday) & travel bag when I go overseas (perfect for weight restrictions and backpacking). Love the hidden pocket compartments so thieves don’t take my passport. I love the load bearing aspect of the bag as well and I have had this bag for 4 years and the material is still almost like new (no joke—see photos of the “legacy” bag). I bought the cubes too cause it keeps me organized and if I need to get to something quickly I can (lots of hustle and bustle shopping in overseas markets). Can go on and on with positive things to say about this gear—invest in your gear and your back will thank you later fam! 10/10, thanks Minaal.

Quinn Z. (Cancún, MX)
Favorite bag I've ever had

I went through several laptop bags before I found the Minaal. It's absolutely the best bag I've ever owned. It looks great, it feels great, and it lasts through anything. I love the suspended laptop holder - no longer need to travel with a case for my laptop.

Jacob G. (Pasadena, US)

A premium bag at a premium price. It feels great, looks great, and is a joy to use. It checked all of my personal boxes when it came to a backpack for travel whether it be for a day or for a few weeks.

The zippers are light and... Zippy. The seams and construction feel solid. The straps are comfy. The material feels strong yet light. The handle on the side was a feature I didn't expect to use but it's actually very convenient. The features of this bag are understated and intuitive, it's like they're not there until you need them, which I think is just awesome.

At 21 liters this bag is large enough to fit a 16" laptop, but small enough to not look like I'm carrying very much. In the future I plan to travel internationally with this bag as my only bag. After packing it out and testing how much I could fit, I was surprised at how much space this bag seems to have. Experienced onebaggers will like this one.

Some cons: the interior water bottle pocket is an interesting idea but I find it not to be super useful personally. I feel similarly about the way the rain cover is built into the bottom of the pack. It would be cool to see a version of this backpack that is built more water resistant so it wouldn't need the rain fly.

Really love this pack and I hope to go out and use it a lot more when it is safe to do so.

Joshua C. (Washington, US)
My new favorite bag!

Love my new bag so much!! My new everyday carry!!

• Comes with our lifetime warranty against defects

• Net Weight: 0.98kg / 2.16lb

• LxWxH: 43 x 32 x 16cm / 16.9 x 12.6 x 6.3in (fully packed)

• Capacity: 21L – learn more

NEW 600D Picton™ fabric, made from recycled yarn, is even tougher and attracts less hair and fluff

NEW re-engineered Unified Harness™, built from the inside out for ultimate comfort

NEW integrated secret pocket, designed to keep your valuables or the Minaal RFID Travel Wallet safe, yet always within easy reach

NEW strap hide snap lets you instantly convert to briefcase-style business mode

• Our patented DeviceNest™ shock-proof double device sleeve, fits up to 16" laptops & 16" devices 

• Woojin & UTX buckles

Fits inside Minaal Carry-on 3.0 (and 2.0) when empty

• Compliant with both US and European airline carry-on limits

Works with our Packing Cubes, Shoulder Sling, Shirt Protector, Toolcases, and RFID Travel Wallet.

• Made with Triple Bottom Line business principles

100% vegan components

We offer a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing defects. If your gear has a defect, we’ll organise a repair or send you a replacement – anywhere in the world.

Find out more here.

Looking for more info about the 3.0 bags? We've built deep-dive pages which cover the Carry-on 3.0 and Daily 3.0 in depth.

Next-gen fabric, for the next generation.

Real talk: the best bag for the environment is the one that lasts the longest. That’s why using recycled yarn for our new Picton™ fabric wasn’t enough – it also had to give new meaning to ‘tough’.





"I can sincerely tell you that I love this bag: the material is great, zippers work smoothly, and lots of pockets to organize your stuff. Fits everywhere (including under the airplane seat!) and you can quickly access everything you put inside it. This bag became my favorite one. Great job!"


Comfort, yes. Bulk? Never.

We rebuilt from the inside out to create our new Unified Harness™. Same streamlined size, fewer resources used – yet even more comfortable, for a wider range of humans.

Soft & strong.

Re-engineered, multi-layered EVA foam in the Unified Harness now runs flush to the edge of each strap, giving your shoulders a flexible and forgiving fit.

Some things are worth protecting.

"I love risking my $2,000 laptop every time I step out the front door," said no one, ever.

Peace of mind. Now even easier.

You carry your office everywhere you go, so our patented DeviceNest™ protects everything you can’t afford to lose, by suspending your devices away from exposed edges.‍

Accessing your devices from the top and side of your bag is now even easier, with wider entry points in both directions – meaning no need to trade safety for speed.








Less Is More

We’re merciless with bag features. If it doesn’t actively help you, if it doesn’t reduce friction from your life – it’s not worth carrying.

Custom Sizing System

With up to 16 possible configurations, the DeviceNest promises a snug fit – even if you change up the size of your next laptop. It’s how we build gear for the long term.

Rain is not the enemy.

Most companies want to charge you extra for a rain cover, or they make performance compromises by using one fabric that tries to do everything. No bueno. The 3.0 comes bundled with a featherweight, seam-sealed, detachable rain cover that packs into itself – no strings attached.

A hideout for your passport.

If you’ve ever been frustrated finding the perfect spot for your passport or valuables – this one’s for you. The 3.0 features our new secret pocket, seamlessly integrated into the back panel.

Near-impossible for anyone else to access when you're on the move – but sling the bag around one shoulder, and your valuables are at your fingertips.

Break free.

The Daily 3.0 reduces the friction of everyday movement, freeing you to focus on what’s truly important.

Open wide. From all angles.

The Daily's main compartment opens flat, to be easily packed – and unpacked – in seconds. Internal pockets are zippered and use mixed fabrics for extra visibility and versatility.

270-degree zippers mean 270-degree access, without having to dig past layers of the stuff you’re *not* looking for.

For your office, too.

The separate device compartment also lies flat, and the DeviceNest, document sleeve, and tech panel keep you sorted. And because life comes at you from all angles: the DeviceNest takes both top and side entry.

Did someone say ‘aerodynamic’?

Hide the shoulder straps in seconds, for a more streamlined look – then, the foam-padded carry handles and Shoulder Sling accessory glide you past the fumbling hordes.

"I've been using Minaal gear since Day 1 – to travel the world AND navigate day-to-day life. The versatility and durability are unparalleled. Thoughtfully-designed bags that my whole family now uses, in the city and beyond. The awesome customer service is just the cherry on top!"


All this.
Without all that.

You might be thinking: ugh, all those features are going to be heavy.

We say: do you even know us?

Light carry weight is critical for staying in flow. So we streamlined internal structure and reduced material consumption, to ensure the Daily stayed featherweight.

2.16lb / 0.98kg


Going places.

Here’s how we approach our craft.


We make opinionated gear, because we live on the road and we know what it takes. Not for everyone – perfect for us.


Unlike most luggage, we design with *international* carry-on size limits in mind. Because your life doesn’t stop at the border.


We use best-in-class components to handle life on the move, and wrap them in a minimalist aesthetic – so you’re equally at home in the outdoors and the office.


We’re 100% community-funded, without any crazy investor growth expectations. That means we’re with you for the long term.


We’re a Triple Bottom Line company, meaning we act on wider, more sustainable guiding principles: People, Planet, and Progress.


Good design means caring about the stuff you won’t ever see. We build from the inside out, to guarantee the longest possible lifespan for your gear.


We’re merciless with bag features. If it doesn’t actively help you, if it doesn’t reduce friction from your life – it’s not worth carrying.


When you invest in a Minaal, you’re getting more than just a product. We're happy to help and always just an email away.


We don’t randomly discount, because we set honest prices in the first place. We don’t pretend to be who we’re not. And we’ll never BS you.