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Multi functional bag

I love my versatile Crossbody bag. I keep essentials in it when shopping (sunglasses, wallet, car keys, lip balm etc.) It’s super useful when beach walking our dog. I can fit in a dog lead, treats, extra ‘doggy do’ bags and a brush. Last but not least I use it at the school pool when taking swim lessons. It is perfect for keeping my phone and keys safe while supervising children. Thanks Minaal☺️

The best Travel bag period.

I spent hours researching bags, and waiting a year for the carry-on 3.0 to be released. I pre ordered the bag as soon as it became available, with no regrets! If you want a bag to help you pack only what you need, that can fit on any plane, that’s made from high quality materials that will last a long time, then this is the bag for you! I live out of my Minaal Carry-On 3.0 and I love it! It feels great to the touch, it’s comfortable to wear, and being able to hide the straps away to take even less space is awesome! In my opinion, this is the best travel bag out there and the last one I’ll need. The device best is the best on the market, I have not seen any other bag maker design anything as well as this. Your laptop/tablets are safer in this than anything else. And it’s accessible from the top or the side! Also, Minaal has the absolute best customer service! I wish I could buy everything from them they are that great! This bag is worth the money, if you are thinking about it, then think no longer. Just buy it!

Awesome for edc or traveling!

I got this bag when I pre ordered the carry-on 3.0 with no regrets! This bag is a perfect size for everyday carry and for travel. And it really does fit very well inside the laptop compartment in the carry-on! The device nest in these bags is hands down the best on the market. It’s a light weight, comfortable bag to carry. Whether you get this by itself or get both bags you won’t regret it!

Perfect Travel Combo

Perfect all in one bag combo for traveling. The larger bag is large enough to hold all of your standard travel gear plus a full week of clothing at least and the smaller bag is the perfect day trip out of the hostel bag.

Perfect Travel Combo

Perfect all in one bag combo for traveling. The larger bag is large enough to hold all of your standard travel gear plus a full week of clothing at least and the smaller bag is the perfect day trip out of the hostel bag.

Perfect Travel Combo

Perfect all in one bag combo for traveling. The larger bag is large enough to hold all of your standard travel gear plus a full week of clothing at least and the smaller bag is the perfect day trip out of the hostel bag.

Stellar customer service.

Whilst I haven't use my Minaal 3.0 bag as much as I would have liked to put it through its paces (thanks covid), with limited use so far it has worked a treat.

One area I am willing to comment on is the stellar customer service from the minaal team: from prompt email responses to accommodating my additional requests and keeping me abreast all the way till i received my bags, I highly recommend minaal.

Excellent bag

I am an aspiring digital nomad, and Minaal bags are the perfect fit. Great design and quality.

Great bag

I previously owned the original version of this bag and am loving the upgrade.

New favorite carry on

Surprisingly spacious, very functional and looks fantastic.

Superb quality bags!

High-quality bags, excellent design, outstanding company and superb customer service. Amazing people, sincere and genuine. Great investment. Happy customer here!

Exceeded my expectations - this is a keeper

Hey everyone, I've been following Minaal for a few years now. I've always been impressed with their mission, and finally pulled the trigger on my first product for myself: the Carry-on 3.0.

The quality is top-notch. Upon my first use, it was apparent they did their homework and sourced the best material and craftsmanship for this bag. It has ample space for my clothes and gear, as well as intelligent placement of pockets. I really like how I can completely zip the bag out. It makes packing/unpacking much easier. Also, the zippers are fantastic. This is huge.

I'm really looking forward to using this more in the future. Thanks!

Favorite bag I've ever had

I went through several laptop bags before I found the Minaal. It's absolutely the best bag I've ever owned. It looks great, it feels great, and it lasts through anything. I love the suspended laptop holder - no longer need to travel with a case for my laptop.


A premium bag at a premium price. It feels great, looks great, and is a joy to use. It checked all of my personal boxes when it came to a backpack for travel whether it be for a day or for a few weeks.

The zippers are light and... Zippy. The seams and construction feel solid. The straps are comfy. The material feels strong yet light. The handle on the side was a feature I didn't expect to use but it's actually very convenient. The features of this bag are understated and intuitive, it's like they're not there until you need them, which I think is just awesome.

At 21 liters this bag is large enough to fit a 16" laptop, but small enough to not look like I'm carrying very much. In the future I plan to travel internationally with this bag as my only bag. After packing it out and testing how much I could fit, I was surprised at how much space this bag seems to have. Experienced onebaggers will like this one.

Some cons: the interior water bottle pocket is an interesting idea but I find it not to be super useful personally. I feel similarly about the way the rain cover is built into the bottom of the pack. It would be cool to see a version of this backpack that is built more water resistant so it wouldn't need the rain fly.

Really love this pack and I hope to go out and use it a lot more when it is safe to do so.

Great quality and superb customer service

I got the Minaal bag as a gift for my wife after doing a lot of research. It arrived quickly and was well-constructed and as high quality as I was hoping. Great stitching (a problem we have had with other packs), solidly fabric, tons of pockets, and fits everything she needs for a few days out of town. What set Minaal apart in my view was the great customer service. I had some questions and they responded and resolved everything quickly. Highly recommend.

Best Bag, Best Customer Service

Even though I still haven't had an opportunity to use my 3.0, I already have it packed out ready to go when I can travel again.
When it was first delivered, the wrong colored arrived. I initially didn't want to have it exchanged because I felt it was petty considering what all was going on in the world at that time. I went ahead and requested an exchange anyway, and I believe within 1-2 weeks my new bag had arrived. I thank you guys for your amazing products, and your amazing customer service!

can't say enough good things about BOTH bags

with my carry-on 2.0 still in almost perfect condition even after years on the road, and with pretty much the entire world on pause, the last thing i needed was a new travel bag. but when i starting seeing bits of info coming out about the 3.0, well, they had me hooked. i don't need it now (for the reasons already stated), but things will eventually get back to (semi)normal, so why not support a small company that supports an even smaller community. at least that was my thinking. and yet i drew the line (aka, my budget) at the carry-on 3.0. with as many daily bags as i have, had zero interest in the daily 3.0. BUT at the great preorder bundle price i figured i could always gift it to family. with both the carry-on 3.0 and the daily 3.0 now in hand, yeah, i'm very glad with my decision. great, great bags. oh and that arguably dumb idea of "gifting away" the daily 3.0? sorry, but family can by their own. there's no chance i'm letting that out of my sight. the bag is a thing of beauty. - much thanks to all of the minaal team!

Best bag I ever used

This is my second Minaal. That's how much I like it. Durable, beautiful and with every possible detail to make your trip easy and organized.

2020 hit us with a global pandemic and all my international trips got cancelled. Still, I got a 3.0 because, being a previous customer, I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed. Actually, the 3.0 is even better than the specs convinced them to be, so I was glad about that as well.

Despite not travelling internationally, I did travel domestically whenever was safe and possible, and the carry on 3.0 changed my game completely. Highly recommend recommend. Can't wait to use it more in 2021!

Smart looks with high quality minimalism

I bought this on the strength of the original Daily, which I have had - and used (yes, daily!) ever since (six years? More?), with the only wear and tear being the logo peeling slightly.

While I've not had a chance to use it properly yet, it has all the design features I love in the daily, the sleek design, excellent organisation and general robustness. My favourite bit is the rain cover which comes in its own tiny pocket - and the backpack comes wrapped in it out of the factory too which is a nice addiitonal protection!

Best damn bags ever!

After spending years and (literally) thousands of dollars on finding the perfect travel bag combo, this IS it! If you like to pack most of your closet when you travel, these bags are definitely not for you. If you need to travel with a lot of gear, e.g. photography, mountain climbing, camping, etc., these bags are probably not for you. If you like to pack things “just in case” when you travel, either these bags are also not for you or you’ll learn quickly to take what you need and leave the rest behind. If you’ve embraced traveling light, hate waiting for luggage at airports, been looking for a classy, durable, high quality travel gear, and everything else seems to have fallen short in one way or another, give this combo a try - I doubt you’ll ever look back.

Another great bag bundle

I purchased both the bundle 2.0 in the past and 3.0 now. These are both my favorite bags so much so that I have given away all my other bags. They are perfect for my needs for travel and daily carry. The new features are minor but are useful if you plan to use these a lot especially the complete open back on the carry-on 3.0. Rain covers work wonderfully too in FL summers. Wouldn’t change a thing about these bags at this point other than the storage in the laptop compartment on the carry on. It’s a bit barren not that you could fit much there anyway. You can’t go wrong with these bags. They are a bit on the pricier side but worth every penny in quality.

Great bag.

I was a Kickstarter fellow from the 1.0, and got a good updgrade ! My long term experience with Minaal is pretty nice: even small question or a small issue (a puller broke in my first bag after a couple years, replacement was sent to me oversea nicely!) where a good time.

Carry On 3.0 AMAZING!!

Hey team, I’ve think I’ve had every Minaal bag since its inception and still think it’s by far and away the best bag out there for one bag travel.

I love the 3.0; it’s light, very functional, and really like its new features, especially the much overdue passport pocket at the back (though it could have been a bit larger) because on the 2.0 I had a tailor rig one up with Velcro in the folder pocket just below the pens in the laptop section.

As discussed with jimmy a while back (hey Jimmy hope you’re safe whenever you are), I feel that the bag can feel a little top heavy once the ez access pockets are full as front layer is a bit “flappy”, and perhaps one could be moved lower down? Also, it’d be great for the water bottle pocket to have some flex material added to it do fit whatever size bottle in it, or even have a flap and a zipper so it could be moonlight as another outside pocket. I prefer the old logo compared to the black and white one, and if it were stitched on it would give it another plus of quality.

But this bag is really a standout in the market, and I would recommend it to anyone. It also makes a great pillow on a plane! Congrats!!!

Perfect for day trips

I've owned the carry on Minaal backpack for years now (and I absolutely love it), but lately I've only been able to do day trips because of the pandemic. The Daily 3.0 back is perfect for a 1-2 day trip, or as a basic bag to carry your laptop around. I haven't owned any other backpack that I am as satisfied with. Totally worth the price.

Great Bag and Amazing Customer Support

My first ordered bag got lost during shipment, and they send me a new one, just like that, thanks! Daily 3.0 Bag completes my Minaal setup, I’ve got them all, they are that good. Lightweight, well built, well organized, and beautiful.