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Daily 3.0 Bag
Benoit (Lyon, FR)
Great bag

I use it daily and it fits my 17" laptop which is perfect for me. It is also big enough for all the accessories with room to spare for small trips, without being too big for a daily use.
The bag is very well designed and I'm very happy with it. The only thing left to see is how long it will last but it seems durable so far.

Bag Bundle 3.0
Karl K. (Wellington, NZ)
Worth the wait...

By wait I don't mean delivery was slow. But I've been borrowing a first-run Minaal bag for work missions overseas for a decade; thanks Bart! It was the wait to save my pocket money. But save I did, and worth it is. All the improvements to the original are good ones, and the quality and utilitarian design ethos remains the same. if Dieter Rams flew economy on missions to far-flung places, he'd rock one of these bad boys.

Crossbody Bag – Refurbished
Justin S. (Buffalo, US)
Good sling.

If you are looking for a quality 2 liter sling, then this is a good sling for you.

Bag Bundle 3.0
Max D. (Toronto, CA)
Thoughtful review

Love the bags, especially the larger one.
Don't love the "flappy" side cables, and I think a medium sized bag might be more practical, because visual of the giant bag draws attention, and asian airlines have a 15lb limit that you'll hit even with the daily. It would be nice to have something more low-key.

The lightweight packing cubes are real smart. Not only are the margins prolly fantastic, but its a genuinely great way to save on weight. Truthfully though I find using the inner pockets as cubes to be more practical.

Nitpicky stuff: the sizing dimensions under the straps are not accurate unless its packed out very specifically - prolly a good selling point but not actually useful. The "briefcase mode" straps hiding again is prolly a selling point but in reality it seems pretty useless, the bags never going to be weighted correctly to hold sideways, id rather do away with the zippers and just have it be a backpack.

As an internet marketer I appreciate a lot of the things I don't "love" as being prolly great for business. But as a bag, there is a lot I really like about this bag (especially the carry-on.) So overall thanks for a sweet product.

My dream idea ramble: Carry-on-esque bag, but sized in the middle of the 2. In the laptop compartment, a protective/padded sleeve/"tech case" (passport, cash, etc.), so if you do get weight checked at the gate you can just pull that out and check the bag. I know you can do that already with the daily, but I find a crossover bag to be much more useful to me than the daily is. But again, that's me. I find the Northface Surge to be an (almost) perfect daily carry bag, so a minaal take on this (lightweight design, minimal but useful "built in packing cubes" (the mesh pockets), clamshell opening.. I'd buy this in a heartbeat.

Hope that was more constructive than criticism. I'm a bag nerd like anyone else filing out this survey so feel free to ask if you want any elaboration.

Crossbody Bag
Jerome F. (Leland, US)
Thumbs up. Would recommend.

Great bag. Pocket is big enough, but not so large that things get lost. Magnet connect on the strap is helpful - ex. when in a tight space (on a bus/train) and I can't swing it off. Other colors or patterns may be cool.

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Jeff W. (Portland, US)
Fanatically well designed bag.

Very clever and elegant design and space designations, and enough room for nearly everything for three days or so of travel. Only other feedback is that the bag is a bit large to fit under an airline aisle seat— but the next size down is too small. Can we split the difference?!

Carry-on 2.0 Bag
Luis (Miami, US)
Best bag ever

This is my best purchase of 2022. I had bought 3 other well reviewed bags , and of all, this was the keeper. Definitely wont be my first

Daily 3.0 Bag
N H. (State College, US)
Light! Compact! Comfortable!

I’ve been using this daily for about a month, and I’ve also taken it across the US and across the ocean to Europe. I’m very happy with its size, weight, internal design and carrying comfort. The fact that it packs down nearly flat is a big plus for me, as its convertibility to briefcase form. Minor issues: the snap button on the top back could be stronger; strap management could be more comprehensive (I added some bands made from bicycle inner tubes here and there); the white logo is a bit glaring (I painted it black).

Tech Toolcase
James E. (Birmingham, GB)
Great produce

Well made and designed. Very sturdy

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Bernie B. (Brighton, GB)
Business trip. Sorted.

Five day business trip in one bag. Backpack when walking. No dangly bits to get caught when putting in overhead lockers. Zip away the shoulder straps when going to meetings. Job done.

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Victoria (San Francisco, US)
Great for short trips!

I’m a chronic overpacker, so I was skeptical about the capacity, but this bag fits everything I need without looking like I’m going on a backpacking trip. It even fit under the seat! The straps are well-designed and comfortable, so I wasn’t miserable carrying this bag through the airport either. The bag is pricey, but well made and it’s nice enough that I could use it if I wanted a bag for my work commute too. I’m happy with my purchase.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Marcos V. (Lambeth, GB)
Really well thought out, very sturdy bag

I looked far and wide for a backpack that would suit all my needs and ran accross a review of this one that eventually made me want to try it out. I love the Daily 3.0 so much, that I also got the Carry On and most accessories. This is the kind of brand that you want to use for life.

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Sean (Greater Sudbury, CA)
Very satisfied

Have used this bag for a couple of weekends away and I'm really impressed with it so far. I especially like the unique tech compartment. All my gear feels really save and having it right next to my back makes the load distribution much nicer and also keeps it safe with other bags stacked on top of it.

Bag Bundle 3.0
Chris L. (Portland, US)
Almost... ALMOST everything I want in a comfortable, minimalist bag set!

If there were a way that I could fine-tune my review between 4 and 5 stars, I would, because I would say that for 95% of what I want, Minaal has made an excellent product pairing. As a parent and someone who hates juggling things around, I want to get down to traveling with one bag, and the smallest bag possible.

A few months ago I was preparing for a work trip and was deciding between the Minaal Carry 3.0 and the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L for a single-bag, one week work setup. I ended up going with Peak because of the larger volume size and because of the roomier laptop sleeve (I have a 17" laptop that's also a little thick), and was mostly impressed with its features, minus the fact that I of course immediately lost two small pieces of hardware going through TSA. With the 45L I also discovered the upper limit to my personal tradeoff between the bulk of a single bag vs. conceding to using two bags.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago, I had another one-week work trip and I saw this bundle for both the Carry 3.0 and the Daily 3.0, and thought I would go ahead and revisit this option for a direct comparison. I ended up using both bags for the trip, and I was surprised at how comfortable of an experience this was, given my irrational hatred of traveling with greater than one bag. What really won me over were a few major things. Both 3.0 bags are super versatile for different carrying scenarios (backpack or suitcase style). I ended up putting my clothes in the Carry, and my computer and office gear in the Daily, and swapped between having one as a backpack, one as a suitcase, and they were both extremely comfortable to carry in either configuration. The handles for the suitcase feel really soft but durable, and I love how you can really hide the backpack straps in suitcase mode for either bag instead of dangling them around. I found pocket and sleeve selection to easily meet my organizational needs. With the two bags in tandem, I never felt like I had to overpack one versus the other, and I could clearly categorize one type of thing to put in one bag vs. the other.

I unfortunately did not have the optional shoulder strap or the waist pads so I couldn't test out how those add-ons would have aided comfort (I will definitely find this out in a few months though), but honestly, I did not find any obvious deficiencies in comfort without them. At the end of the day, these were just great to use, and the combined value of the two used together is more than the sum of its parts.

What stops me from giving this review 5 stars are a few things, many of which I'm sure the Minaal community can all agree on:

- I really wish the laptop sleeve were JUST a bit larger on both. My personal is a 13" that will easily fit in those sleeves, but my work computer is a 17" with enough thickness that I can't use the sleeves and just kind of put my computer in that zipper section without. That's going to always be a consideration when go on work trips, but for personal trips, it'll hands down be the Minaal.

- That bottle sleeve on the Carry just feels on the edge of being secure. I use the elastic loop to tie in my bottle, but I still don't feel 100% secure with it.

- It is definitely a dust magnet (I have the Aoraki Black), but I hear it's better than the 2.0.

- I really wish that the shoulder straps and/or waist pads weren't separate add on purchases, and that I at least had the option of one, especially if I'm buying a set like this. I ended up buying them separately in anticipation of more travel this year, but paying an extra $70-90 for this feels a little tacky.

Overall, the Minaal Bag Bundle is a meticulously crafted minimalist product that really aligns with my travel needs, and even as a one-bag minimalist, with this specific set, I am more than happy to go up to two bags given the high level of comfort I had with that configuration on my last trip. I would say that if Minaal could accommodate just SLIGHTLY larger sized laptops, I would easily overlook all of the other flaws as personal nits and push this to a 5 star rating. That's really the only blocker between me making the Minaal Bag Bundle a no-brainer decision on work trips, vs. continuing to use the Peak Travel Backpack 45 L. I *am* planning a family trip at the end of summer I'm super stoked about because I'll use the Minaal for myself and pass along the Peak to my son, so regardless, I'll get to see both of those products in action for my personal use in the future!

Business Time Bundle 3.0
Nicholas T. (George Town, KY)
Great bag.

It would be nice to be able to keep a water bottle on the outside. Also, a more hidden document pocket would be very useful.

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
World t.m. (South Pasadena, US)
Beautiful bag, thoughtfully designed

My son took this on his first backpacking trip around Europe and he raved about it. Said he was the only one on the trip with a bag that got the job done for everything, protected everything, and didn't look like a loser on the train, subway, or plane.

Crossbody Bag
Jan L. (Prague, CZ)
Clean, sharp and Minaal quality

Absolutely fall in love with crossbody, haven't been fan of these bags for a while (in general) but since getting my crossbody I no longer have stuff in my pockets and can carry all the the small stuff with me. The design is flawless and the pure dark without any visible folds or zipper or logos is just so nice. It just looks like a decent pricey bag, which is super nice.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Jan-Anders A. (Oslo, NO)
As great as expected

I had high hopes and had done my investigation up front and Minaal delivers as promised. My backpack is of superb quality and does everything as expected.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Karl H. (Auckland, NZ)
Does what it says on the tin.

It just works. No surprises, in build quality, or materials.

Daily 3.0 Bag
David A. (Chiang Mai, TH)
This is the perfect daily bag!

After two weeks of traveling with the Daily 3.0 Bag, I continue to be surprised at the many thoughtful features that have come in very handy day after day. There’s always a pocket, strap, slip, or clip that perfectly fits where I need something to go. It holds just enough for a light round of shopping and I feel confident the zippers and lining won’t pop. And it's pretty stylish! I love this bag.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Ayisha V. (Bengaluru, IN)
My husband loves it

I bought this as a gift for my husband who wanted a slim yet sturdy bag which would fit all his accessories compactly! The Minaal Daily 3.0 does exactly that! He is loving it and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a high quality backpack for their laptops and other gear!

Tech Toolcase XL
Brian F. (Boston, US)

Heading to Aruba soon so I'll test it out a bit more but 10/10 right now - Cheers

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Ben B. (Brownhills, GB)
Amazing quality

Brilliant bag first time use, great for weekends and a week away with your laptop.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Andi N. (Eastleigh, GB)

Daily 3.0 Bag

Daily 3.0 Bag
John A. (Newark, US)
Great Bag

I’ve been using the carry on for a few weeks now. I use it in conjunction with a 15 in. roll aboard placing my clothes in the backpack and work items in the roll aboard. The backpack capacity is better than I expected and easy to organize with or without packing cubes. The outer material has a great look and there’s no evidence of any damage. I fly about 4 to 6 times a month as an airline crew member. Harness is comfortable. In fact it’s so comfortable I have not felt the need to use the hip belt. I did make one small hack to attach it to the roll aboard when not using it as a backpack. Excellent bag, excellent purchase. Thanks