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Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Ben B. (Brownhills, GB)
Amazing quality

Brilliant bag first time use, great for weekends and a week away with your laptop.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Andi N. (Eastleigh, GB)

Daily 3.0 Bag

Daily 3.0 Bag
John A. (Newark, US)
Great Bag

I’ve been using the carry on for a few weeks now. I use it in conjunction with a 15 in. roll aboard placing my clothes in the backpack and work items in the roll aboard. The backpack capacity is better than I expected and easy to organize with or without packing cubes. The outer material has a great look and there’s no evidence of any damage. I fly about 4 to 6 times a month as an airline crew member. Harness is comfortable. In fact it’s so comfortable I have not felt the need to use the hip belt. I did make one small hack to attach it to the roll aboard when not using it as a backpack. Excellent bag, excellent purchase. Thanks

Bag Bundle 3.0
GERALD G. (Valencia, ES)
Best gear I could wish for

The bag bundle is perfect for my permanent travel. Perfect size, perfect features, perfect look, perfect quality. It's always a pleasure to use it. I feel like I will be using it for decades.

Flashpacker Bundle 3.0
Martin H. (Marum, NL)
Absolutely stunning

Spacious, comfortable, versatile, low-key, robust. All attributes that describe the Carry-on 3.0.

Daily 3.0 Bag
S H. (London, GB)
A truly epic bag.

I bought the daily 3.0 with the shirt insert and tech dopp. So far I've used it as a day pack whilst vacationing in Turkey, 2 night stays in London and alongside carry on for a US trip. As well as that it's my daily work bag.

It fits a surprising amount in it and stays light. I typically carry a flask, yeti mug, IFAK, tech kit, MacBook air, snacks, notepad, work badge, wind stopper and other stuff including a wash bag when needed. There's room to spare and the bag isn't unwieldy. Paired with my small carry on I'd be comfortable for a week to 10 day trip.

I took out the rain cover as I didn't think I'd need it and I wanted the extra room at the bottom.

I love the look of the bag, it took months to find a bag that would look smart in a meeting but be highly functional and easy to carry. I haven't yet used it in briefcase mode as the overall styling is low key and minimalist anyway.

I have a lot of bags including Tumi, Briggs and Riley and Osprey and this is the the best daily bag I've come across so far. An easy 5 stars and highly recommended.

Crossbody Bag
Manuel K. (Sydney, AU)

Crossbody Bag

Packing Cubes (3)
Alexandre C. (Caen, FR)

As always with minaal, you pay the price but quality is stuning...I have all minaal stuff and everything is perfect in my opinion.

Bag Bundle 3.0
Xavier (Heilsbronn, DE)
Never received it

Never received the Bag Bundle 3.0.

I'm a big fan of my Minaal 2.0 bags (have both, and use them extensively), so when I got the chance to order the 3.0, it was pretty much a no-brainer to me.

But then when it came to delivery, it somehow got stuck in German customs. I reached out to both the customs officials and Minaal, but in the end nobody felt responsible, I don't have my bag, and I didn't get my money back.
At some point I was just tired of it and gave up.

So 0/5 would probably not buy again.

Rolltop forever!

I liked the Rolltop the moment I saw it in the Minaal kickstarter, but I never would have thought how much I'm going to love it. The middle zipper felt gimmicky, but it is actually super useful. I've now been using my bag every day without fault for the past ~2 years, and won't leave anywhere without it. Still no signs of wear, in stellar form - fantastic product.

Daily Bag
D.P. (Wheat Ridge, US)
Best Backpack I've ever had

I've had this bag since the Kickstarter. I **STILL** use it daily. It's amazing. I literally just found out it had a rain cover :facepalm: (I needed that a few times). Fantastic quality that will last you years.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Daniel N. (Sydney, AU)

Daily 3.0 Bag

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
John A. (Uniondale, US)
Great bag

I purchased this bag after buying and using the Minaal Carry on for a few months. Great compliment to its big brother. My electronics and valuables are in the daily bag should I have to check the carry on. The daily is a perfect size and fits in all the aircraft I’m on. As I use it, should I notice any areas of improvement I’ll let you know. Right now it seems to be great.

Packing Cubes (3)
Israel A.A.F. (Guadalajara, MX)
Buenos y bonitos

Además de ser super prácticos, el equipaje se ve super bien cuando abres la maleta

Carry-on 2.0 Bag – Refurbished
Campbell W. (Medellín, CO)
Great bag, I have both sizes and they serve their own unique purpose

I have an OG Minaal Carry-On which is fantastic for travelling, but can be overkill for day-to-day use. This is why I purchased the Daily and have really enjoyed the more compact size.

The bag is definitely 5 stars, however I don't like the water bottle pocket and would prefer it if this was removed on future versions. The pocket is too small for my bottle and ends up being a waste of space/material.

Beyond that, you've crushed it with this bag!

Rolltop Bag – Refurbished
Andy (Nam-gu, KR)

Been using this bag every day for years now and it's barely showing any signs of wear. It's been a rock-solid workhorse. Love the front zip for easy access, and it's super comfy. Put simply - I love this bag. High recommend for anyone looking for a reliable, comfortable daily bag.

I love how adjustable it is

Every time I doubted about the fit, I always found a solution how to make it perfect for my back. I can take so many things, the worry of one bag traveller just gone.
Only small issue, looks odd for a girl. I look like I borrowed a backpack from my dad or boyfriend

Bag Bundle 3.0
Laurent T. (Kain, BE)
Perfect bag for every use case

I've discovered Minaal thx to Youtube video showing marketing strategies that the company used for lauching the first bag.
When I've watched on the website, I was fan of the history of the founders.
I've stayed in New Zealand for 3 months on holiday and I love the fashion around digital nomad with this kind of bags.
I was worried about the price... Really expensive for my budget.
I pre-ordered the 3.0 and now... I'm really happy of it. With the time, I noticed I've used mostly the little one (bigger one is only for travelling a few days).
This bags are with me all the time and if I had to choose another bag, I'll buy Minaal again and again ! Even if I become one day an influencer, I'd like to work with this brand.
See you from Belgium

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Alejandro P. (Cutral-Co, AR)
Finally a proper onebag travel Backpack

I've been on the search for the perfect onebag travel backpack for a long time, and each bag I tried had a flaw, be it weight, lack of features, comfort, however the Carry On 3.0 has everything you might want in a bag. It fits way more than you think, the harness system is super comfortable, the craftsmanship is superb and most importantly to me, it is light! Did I mention the 2 killer quick access pockets?

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Jeffrey W. (Cary, US)
Perfect bag for nimble travelers

I absolutely love the Carry-on 3.0 Bag. We've stopped checking luggage when traveling. Pre-pandemic, we did two weeks in the UK from USA. This bag kept up with air, rail and bus travel without missing a beat. It's comfy as a backpack, always at the ready in messenger mode. You won't regret buying the Carry-on.

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Thanh T. (Ho Chi Minh City, VN)

Carry-on 3.0 Bag

Bag Bundle 3.0
Anonymous (Shibuya, JP)
Bags are amazing - get them and enjoy!

Im not good with doing long paragraphs for reviews - so here’s what you need to know:

- the daily 3.0 is an actual daily bag - with actual good backpack straps (comfy foam).
- the rain cover is something you’ll never realised you needed until you use it - then you cant live without it
- the zips are top notch - no jams!
- pocket sizes make sense - you can fit glasses cases (multiple) no issues on the front plus pens.
- light!
- easy to open up to take laptops and tablet for scanning for customs/immigration

The carryon:
- one bag travel is 100% doable - I’ve done it for a week trip.
- also light.
- yes you can fit the daily into the carryon.

The bags are more expensive compared to others but they are far superior to what I’ve had before. They also last (i still have my daily 2.0 that is used by my relatives after 4 years of using it).

Get the bags, and you wont have to worry about traveling around :)

Crossbody Bag – Refurbished
Hans V. (Brussels, BE)
Good, but slides to the side

Nice design, good size (for some everyday-things).
But it doesn't stay on my back. Instead it always slides to the side so it hangs uncomfortably under my arm (while biking or walking). Maybe solvable when you put something long and inflexible in it, but that should be in the design, IMO.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Brett S. (Auckland, NZ)
Best bags I've owned

I've got several Minaal bags now, they are by far the best travel bags I've ever owned and have had extensive use as I regularly traveled 300 days a year for work prior to Covid. Thoughtful design, top quality materials and workmanship. Will happily buy again if they ever wear out.

Daily Bag – Refurbished
Daniel V. (Birmingham, US)
Encourage illegal behaviors

The quality is not the best. Its more a hyped product. I thought its a high quality product. In reality, it was shipped from Hongkong.

Came from Hongkong and I had to pay nearly 50% extra for tariffs. They recommended me to declare a minimum price to avoid tariffs. Of course, I did not intend to be jaled because of a backpack. So, I pad the extra of 100-150 USD.