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Great bag. Better service.

I've had the Daily for a few years and love it. I use it as my daily carry and for short 2-day travel trips. After a few years of good use, I had a small issue with the bag. I let the Minaal team know and they offered to replace the bag immediately. If you're on the fence, you cannot go wrong with Minaal or their Daily Bag.

Versatile bag and excellent service

I've used a Minaal bag since it was first released and I go everywhere with it -- work, hiking, travel -- everywhere. It fits everything I need in an organized way and it's incredibly durable. It may be pricey, but it is worth it. When my first bag was stolen, Minaal quickly shipped out the second bag I ordered. Their customer service has always been impeccable.

Best Carry-on Bag in the World

I have had this bag for years and I have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles with it. I have used it for many multi-week, multi-country trips, and use it every couple weeks for business travel. Even so, it is still in amazing condition and shows almost no wear. It is exactly what I want, but is so hard to find: good design, simple to use, carry-on size, high quality materials, and a sleek look. It's hard to express how much I love this bag. It's worth every penny.

Good investment

I have back problems and buying these hip pads help a lot when I carry my carry-on 2 for a long period of time.

Very useful!

These packing cubes are perfect. They are lightweight, have a side with mesh so you can see what's inside quickly and fits properly into the carry-on 2. In fact, they help you organize your bag and guide you with the quantity of things you need to bring. I would not travel without them anymore.

So useful!

I bought the carry-on 2, which was a good investment, but after a year, I decided to buy the daily despite the price. Very well designed too and it has a lot of space. I use it when I visit my parents and when I go on a longer trip with my Minaal carry-on. I thought it would be less heavy, but for a 20 liters it is still a very good bag that will last very long. You won't regret your purchase.

Best of all!

I have this bag since 1 ½ year and it’s really a good one (been to Asia (2 times) and Africa with it). Yes, it is expensive but in my opinion, it’s better to invest in a good quality product that will last longer than a cheaper one that you will have to invest again in a few years (you will have paid probably more at the end). It fits under the seat in the plane even though it is a bit longer than what I expected but it’s still very good. When travelling, I don’t search for my things a long time: the compartments are well designed and everything is easy to reach. My husband bought the Aer and, I find the Minaal much better – For example, the zippers are smoother and seems a better quality.

Nailed It

This bag works so well for me and my MacBook 16 inch feels so light on my back with it. Go from the gym to work every day with it and have gotten compliments on the bag.

This is my new favorite bag

I have been rocking the Daily bag for the last two years, through road warrior travel consulting and daily commutes to the office. But there was just one thing I didn't love about it: when it's not packed for a week of travel it can look a bit … flaccid? Not so with the Rolltop! I emptied my Daily bag into the Rolltop the second I received my order and have been loving it. (Don't worry, the Daily Bag will come out the second my travel season starts up.)

The Rolltop design gives the bag a leaner look, whether it's empty or full. And it sits nicely on my back. The center zipper makes access super easy, without rummaging and without spilling contents. It also makes access a lot easier when the bag is upright (like on the floor or in a chair). I like the symmetry of the little pockets on each side, a couple on the outside and a couple tucked away inside. Even though there is only one laptop sleeve, I can still pack a 15" MacBook Pro and a 12.9" iPad Pro in the same sleeve.

Surprisingly, the material is soft in the hand. I like the way it feels better than other bags. It's subtle, but a nice feature. You will also find a couple mysterious carabiner hooks at the top of the bag. The Minaal designers tell me it's there for whatever you want to do with it, but I can't help but think there's something in store for the future. What will you use them for?

Svelte, But Packs A Punch

I backed this bag on Kickstarter and, after receiving my bag, I must say it was worth the wait. The bag is well-constructed and the materials actually look and feel more rugged than what you might expect from the pictures.
Originally, I thought the straps lacked some padding, but later I realized more padding is unnecessary, as this bag's capacity prevents it from ever getting too heavy. It feels light on your shoulders even with quite a bit in it, like a laptop, a notebook, a 750 ml of your favorite beverage; it carries it all very well, and I appreciate the svelte sillhouette.
The outside zippered pockets are surprisingly spacious, and I like that there's a zippered mesh compartment inside each one. Two nested layers of zippers help keeps things a little more secure.
The magnetic rolltop design is genius! So easy to do and undo, and it negates the need for having to roll multiple times, as with some other rolltop bags. This is perhaps my favorite feature.
The inside pockets, like the outside ones, are nice and spacious, and offer surprising organization. My only wish is that they were perhaps a bit lower on the bag to make them more accessible through the center zipper when you don't want to undo the roll.
The hidden stash pocket on the back is another great feature, and I actually appreciate that I can fit my whole hand in there. Too many other manufacturers make their hidden pockets so small that they're almost useless. That said, take care not to put things that are too bulky in there, as you'll feel them on your back when wearing the pack.
Overall, I'm very happy with Minaal's rolltop. It's obvious the guys put a lot of thought into designing the pack. If you need a pack that packs a punch but want to cut down on the bulk, this one is for you.

A short product feedback

If you have any bag, I believe you would love this small pack. It weight light, pack things then give a little push to remove air, make your small bag a bigger one. These packing cube to bag like the dessert to coffee, they just match so well.

Actually 6 star Work bag

The bag size is very suitable for any purpose on road, small travel or even business. Just load the things you need then you are in good position to start, plus the bag are very strong. I only need clean it, the robust bag would like new one, I simply love this bag so much.

Great daily or short-term travel bag

Perfect for short-term travel, since it'll fit under just about any airplane seat (including the so-called CRJ "Satan's Chariots") and can easily hold a week's worth of clothes as long as shoes are excluded. Well thought out for business trips, with the separate compartments to split out work stuff (laptop and notebook) from living stuff (clothes and toiletries). You can even repurpose one of the velcro laptop straps to hold your electronics pouch if it's minimalist enough.

Main drawback is the straps are a compromise between packability and comfort, and can get uncomfortable with heavier loads.

great item

great item. not sure if its the built but mine seem need to turn the case upside down to put the passport into the the holder. overall its good!

Great travel bag

Gotten this bag few months back.
To-date it had been travelling with me for more than 10 countries.
Very functional and plenty of space for everything!

Traveling the world

I bought this bag so that I could travel the world primarily using just a backpack. After much research I went with the minaal. Glad I did because I can fit a lot into it and it's still fairly comfortable to wear. It's sturdy and so far has been with me for 1.5 years of regular use. I like the minimalist style and color. I also like the area where I pack my laptop, ipad, notebook, and charging brick. Easy to get to and I know everything is snug and safe.

No need for other bags

This bag has been my only travelling bag since I got it over a year ago. Perfect for both business trips and holidays. It’s very easy to pack and get things e.g. laptop and papers out without need to spread the contents all over the place. I’ve found this handy especially at airports and business meetings. After several different kind of trips to many kind of places my bag still looks sharp. No signs of wearing it. I can highly recommend this bag for anyone who wants to travel with carry-on bag only.


This bag has been my travel companion for the last couple of years. I have taken it as my only luggage several times for extended trips to SE Asia ... and it really holds up wonderfully. It still looks good as new, even after all the use. And the way it holds so much, so well ... it's fabulous. I can't recommend it enough ... it has changed the way I think about and experience packing and travel.

a great daily driver

I use this bag a lot for casual workdays in the city. It's the perfect companion for a day at the coworking space. The laptop storage is really nice, great pockets everywhere. I even sometimes use this as my carry-on, if I am checking a piece of luggage.

I have been using it a lot the past couple years and can really recommend it.

Only thing: the shoulder straps could be more substantial-feeling ... they get stressed a bit when there is a heavy load in the bag. Looking forward to version 2.0!

My Daily

This review may be a bit bias, as I am a huge fan of MinaaI, The Daily was the first backpack I purchased many years ago and it the only travel backpack I use now. I do my fair share of traveling and the Daily goes with me on all my trips. It's a great backpack that fits everything. The material and design is by far top if its class, from the rain cover the the whistle on the buckle, Jimmy and his teams thought of everything. If you are looking for a Daily backpack or travel backpack, buy the Daily!

Almost … too big?

I bought the XL when I thought I couldn't get by with the regular Toolcase. I was wrong. I've gone back because the XL is a little too big. It's really a perfect thing, but it takes up more space in the Daily than I wanted when packing for an entire week. If you are using a larger bag, or "never leave a dongle behind," then this might be the case for you.

It's not just a case, it's a philosophy.

I used to carry a lot of tech crap. I pared it down but still struggled. Eventually, I bought the Toolcase XL and had enough space, but still … something wasn't right. After I saw that a teammate was doing his entire week of travel out of a Minaal Daily Bag I decided I would too. That meant going back to the original toolcase.

I had to embrace the philosophy of minimalism that this tool case, and the entire system encompasses. I asked myself, "What do I really need for the week?" Then I arrived at my system, and have been happier ever since. Here's what I carry in my Toolcase:

+ BatPower MacBook Pro Charger (makes it easier to plug into a crowded power strip and includes a couple of USB-C ports)
+ Amazon Fire TV Stick (works well on hotel Wi-Fi, provides privacy against logins, and prevents logging in every week to someone else's system)
+ USB-C to USB-A adaptors (they’re tiny)
+ Multi-type charging cable (for Lightning, USB-C, and micro USB)
+ Another lightning cable
+ Apple Watch charger
+ Remote PowerPoint pointer/clicker
+ Spare AAA batteries

I Don't Know Why I Love These So Much! (Yes I Do)

I have used a number of packing cubes from other companies and these are my favorites. They're much lighter and thinner material, so they pack down to almost nothing when not in use. They're ample when full, so you can fit more than you thought possible. They fit perfectly into the Carry-on 2.0 and Daily Bags, so you know if you can zip them you can fit them. And finally, they're durable; the zipper holds up.

Perfect for Minaal Bags

I've had similar shirt folders in the past with other bags and systems. They're all good, but this one is great when you have a Minaal bag. First, it integrates with the Daily Bag and the Carry-on 2.0; no other products do that. Second, it keeps things just a little more compact than other folders without compromising function.

It does its job

I didn't think I would ever need the shoulder strap, since I really try to keep weight evenly distributed with a backpack. However, on longer trips I like to wear the Carry-on 2.0 and carry the Daily Bag. After one trip carrying the Daily as a briefcase I realized the strap was the way to go. After doing the exact same trip with the should strap, I was much happier and more comfortable.

If you like to carry shoulder bags, this is especially a no-brainer of a purchase.