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Shoulder Sling
Rakesh A. (Winnipeg, CA)
Great but don’t bend over

I have found this to be a great size for quick commutes (haven’t had a chance to travel with it yet, but will be this week). Only gripe is if the zipper pocket is unzipped, you can not bend over (i.e. to tie your shoes) without everything falling out.

Packing Cubes (3)
Rosalie B. (Salt Lake City, US)
Minaal packing cubes...the best!

These are my first packing cubes and they truly are amazing. Not sure how I managed for so long without them. They can hold a lot and I love them. Thanks you, Minaal!

Packing Cubes (3)
Danny B. (West Bloomfield, US)

Packing Cubes (3)

Carry-on 2.0 Bag
Rosario P. (Miami, US)
Awesome bag

Love the minimalist look. Bought it for my husband and he was able to pack it for a 5 day trip easily. We don’t have the packing cubes yet but we’re able to make it work without them. Everything is well made - the zippers, the material, and all the little straps. Hope he’ll have it for a long time to come!

Carry-on 2.0 Bag
Ivan A.H. (Phoenix, US)
Perfect travel bag

This bag is everything I expected. It fits everything I need and isn't a pain to plug around. Great product.

Daily Bag
Charlotte G. (Finchley, GB)
Everything I wanted in a bag

So well made, good quality, stylish

Attachable Hip Pads
Bob B. (Salt Lake City, US)
on not losing your hip pads

My first flight since pandemic began. Hip pads would finally get some use. Except when unloading my pack from the car one pad fell out and was lost. No hip pads on this trip. Recommendation: Could not a compact simple location for the hip pads be added? - Maybe something as simple as velcro straps on the back side of the shoulder straps compartment

Rolltop Bag
Richard P. (Singapore, SG)
Too soon to tell...

There is an old, and untrue, story that in 1972 Henry Kissinger asked Zhou Enlai what he thought of the French revolution. Zhou, the story goes, replied it was too soon to tell.

The thing with my roll top is it is still the honeymoon period and I'm still in love with the design, the way the pockets are so unobtrusive, the way it almost folds out completely when you want to get at every corner or put in something delicate, and the fact that it's so light.

As I have learned with my version one Carry On, it can take 6 years to truly appreciate a bag, and in no small part because despite the miles and the memories, it's pretty much indistinguishable from the day I bought it.

So looking forward to years with my Rolltop.

Rolltop Bag – Refurbished
Urmas G. (Tallinn, EE)
Zippers is not waterproof

The bag itself is waterproof but the zippers are not. Things get wet with rain. It's not well thought out.

Packing Cubes (3)
Antonin C. (Ayron, FR)
Excellent !!

Perfect for pack my cloches, i went on a trip for trop weeks and this cubes were very helpful.

Shoulder Sling – Refurbished
Danielle (Nevada City, US)
So glad I used the refurbishing/buy-back program

I still have the first version of the Carry-on, so I'm super glad to have been able to but the should sling for it, basically like new! Love this company!

Shirt Protector 3.0
Santosh B. (Sydney, AU)
Minaal Shirt Protector 3.0

As a Minaal Daily and Carry-on 2.0 owner, the shirt protector for me, is one of the most ingenious design aspects of the Minaal range. At first, it appears as a simple garment packer, for folded shirts and pants, but the smarts lays in the integration into both of the Minaal bags.

Slide the shirt protector into the straps and not only is a garment pack, but it also serves as a restraining strap for the contents inside, helping to shift the weight of the bags contents onto the carriers back. This applies to both the Daily and the Carry-On.

When the 3.0 series of Minaal bags was released, I was tempted to upgrade, very tempted, having used my Minaal across business trips to the US and across Europe, I knew how reliable the Minaal bags were. In fact, so reliable, I just couldn't justify the upgrade, my 2.0 bags were still awesome. But they were releasing an upgrade of the Shirt Protector, 3.0!

The first noticeable change is the logo, striking the newer (even more!) minimalistic Minaal logo. There is one less mesh pocket, replaced with fabric, but all this will do is help with keeping the protector closed anyhow, so no loss in my opinion. The best change is the elasticated hook loops. What this does its further improve the strapping function mentioned earlier. Letting you place even more packed items under the protector and producing a more snug result.

Overall a great improvement on an already cool feature, and of course useful on both the Daily and Carry-On, for either series!

Packing Cubes (3)
Bonnie H. (Belvedere Tiburon, US)
Ultralight cubes

Ultra light cubes for ultralight travel. Its a zen thing and even when I think Ive under packed I end up taking to much. Molting is the best part of traveling. I love the cubes for minimal bulk.

Shirt Protector
Bob B. (Salt Lake City, US)
Protect your shirt(s)

Used the shirt protector on my month long road trip. Was so glad I didn't have to sort or iron or find my dress shirts. Great add-on to the Minaal large bag!

Extender Straps
Fe L.B. (Houston, US)
Just what I needed to complete my pack for my next adventure!

Love the crew over at Minaal. A clever, helpful bunch. Oh! And the straps are great too.!

Packing Cubes (3)
Audrey (Singapore, SG)
Really lightweight and durable, though tad expensive

Love it! Just what I needed. Really lightweight yet seems durable and keeps my things organised in my daily 3.0. It’s a tad expensive but guess price to pay for good quality!

Daily 3.0 Bag
James G. (Alexandria, US)
Six Months In - A Great Daily Bag

I waited for a bit to give a review of the Daily 3.0 after receiving it when it was released and I can confidently say has been my favorite go-to bag for daytime tasks.

The material has held up well with daily commuting and the handful of outdoors/day-hikes I've done with it. I've also used it as an overnight bag with no problems. No rips or tears, and there has not beed discoloring/major markings on the material.

Even though it's a backpack, I find the tech compartment ideal not only for an iPad or laptop but also papers/folders as well. I bring this to my office and it fits right in, especially in "business mode".

I usually fit a lunchbox, water bottle, umbrella, and light coat when needed and the bag still has room to throw in miscellaneous items. Overall I highly recommend if you're on the fence about it.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Mikael L. (Haegersten, SE)
One is not enough

Both my wife and I used the carry-on bag for many years. Now we bought one new Daily 3.0 bag for me and my wife and it turns out that it was one too few. We both really like it and it works great for both trips to the office and as a gym bag. We probably have to buy another one soon.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Grace (Los Angeles, US)
Great looking bag but uncomfortable for petite frame

I really wanted to love the bag. The organization is amazing and made very well but unfortunately it was uncomfortable for me. I’m 5’2” and the straps felt very uncomfortable and I felt a strain on my neck even when the bag wasn't fully packed. Customer service was wonderful and made the return process a breeze. Hopefully the next version will fit better.

Crossbody Bag
Dawn (Christchurch, NZ)
Multi functional bag

I love my versatile Crossbody bag. I keep essentials in it when shopping (sunglasses, wallet, car keys, lip balm etc.) It’s super useful when beach walking our dog. I can fit in a dog lead, treats, extra ‘doggy do’ bags and a brush. Last but not least I use it at the school pool when taking swim lessons. It is perfect for keeping my phone and keys safe while supervising children. Thanks Minaal☺️

The best Travel bag period.

I spent hours researching bags, and waiting a year for the carry-on 3.0 to be released. I pre ordered the bag as soon as it became available, with no regrets! If you want a bag to help you pack only what you need, that can fit on any plane, that’s made from high quality materials that will last a long time, then this is the bag for you! I live out of my Minaal Carry-On 3.0 and I love it! It feels great to the touch, it’s comfortable to wear, and being able to hide the straps away to take even less space is awesome! In my opinion, this is the best travel bag out there and the last one I’ll need. The device best is the best on the market, I have not seen any other bag maker design anything as well as this. Your laptop/tablets are safer in this than anything else. And it’s accessible from the top or the side! Also, Minaal has the absolute best customer service! I wish I could buy everything from them they are that great! This bag is worth the money, if you are thinking about it, then think no longer. Just buy it!

Awesome for edc or traveling!

I got this bag when I pre ordered the carry-on 3.0 with no regrets! This bag is a perfect size for everyday carry and for travel. And it really does fit very well inside the laptop compartment in the carry-on! The device nest in these bags is hands down the best on the market. It’s a light weight, comfortable bag to carry. Whether you get this by itself or get both bags you won’t regret it!

Bag Bundle 3.0
Drew B. (Baltimore, US)
Perfect Travel Combo

Perfect all in one bag combo for traveling. The larger bag is large enough to hold all of your standard travel gear plus a full week of clothing at least and the smaller bag is the perfect day trip out of the hostel bag.

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Drew B. (Baltimore, US)
Perfect Travel Combo

Perfect all in one bag combo for traveling. The larger bag is large enough to hold all of your standard travel gear plus a full week of clothing at least and the smaller bag is the perfect day trip out of the hostel bag.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Drew B. (Baltimore, US)
Perfect Travel Combo

Perfect all in one bag combo for traveling. The larger bag is large enough to hold all of your standard travel gear plus a full week of clothing at least and the smaller bag is the perfect day trip out of the hostel bag.