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Crossbody 2.0 Bag
D. (Auckland, NZ)
Love it. No idea why I snoozed on it for so long.

Having been a happy owner of a Carry On 1.0 and Daily bag for many years now, the Crossbody was to me the one felt I needed to complete the set - one for longer trip, one for shorter trips, and one for EDC. I couldn’t bring myself to stump up for the Crossbody until I got the email about the 2.0 - that seemed as good an excuse as any. And now I have it, I don’t know how or why I went so long without. It perfectly fits all the little essentials I’d rather not load my pockets with. The perfect utility piece.

Daily 3.0 Bag
J. (Cleveland, US)
For the next version, improve strap management

Great bag, but the floppiness and dangling have room for improvement, especially the chest strap. I've wrapped the chest strap in a way that works for me, but Minaal charges its customers a premium for its minimal, clean aesthetic. At version 3.0, It’s not delivering. When you charge customers nearly $300 for a small daily carry backpack, you've set a high bar for yourself.

Bag Bundle 3.0
Laurent T. (Kain, BE)
Perfect bag for every use case

I've discovered Minaal thx to Youtube video showing marketing strategies that the company used for lauching the first bag.
When I've watched on the website, I was fan of the history of the founders.
I've stayed in New Zealand for 3 months on holiday and I love the fashion around digital nomad with this kind of bags.
I was worried about the price... Really expensive for my budget.
I pre-ordered the 3.0 and now... I'm really happy of it. With the time, I noticed I've used mostly the little one (bigger one is only for travelling a few days).
This bags are with me all the time and if I had to choose another bag, I'll buy Minaal again and again ! Even if I become one day an influencer, I'd like to work with this brand.
See you from Belgium

Crossbody Bag | Refurbished
Marchenko I. (Edogawa, JP)
I like Crossbody bag

I ordered only crossbody bag so can say only about it. Already using it for more than a year and don't have any troubles with it. Very comfortable and stylish. Mostly use it for some documents or accessories to carry out with me

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
W.R. (Chesapeake, US)
"The Best Yet" - Minaal customer since 2014

This is the best Minaal yet—the little details make all the difference. I own the 1.0, have gifted the 2.0, and now have the 3.0. Basically they fixed the little annoyances and upgraded things I didn't know I wanted. They upgraded the laptop harness and makes it accessible from either direction. The passport hidden pocket has spoiled me. And don't get me started on those zippers—my original have taken eight years of abuse with never a tear nor a problem. Bottom line: the 3.0 is worth it.

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Patrick B. (Lima, PE)
Stellar - Big enough to travel endlessly, small enough to fit everywhere

Seriously glad I found this bag! I've been travelling non-stop for the past year to over 10 countries and this has come with everywhere without complaining on being shoved into tight spots, dropped onto pavements/rocks/dusty floors, and overloaded (gotta bring back gifts!).

The pockets are cleverly designed, and there always seems to be a little extra nook that you can take advantage of.

I love the laptop section and that I don't need to worry about it smashing to pieces. I love the hidden pocket on the back where I can keep extra money, passport, and other valuables (please don't rob me!).

I'll admit I was a little hesitant to purchase at first due to the price but I'm so happy I did because this truly feels like a bag for life (not-withstanding their incredible life-time guarantee).

Bravo minaal team, truly stellar product!

Daily 3.0 Bag
Gilberto R. (Bellflower, US)
Daily 3.0 is a perfect day and over night bag

I got the Daily 3.0 for my trip to Colombia and it was better than expected. I used it to hold clothes and personal items. Although it looks slim, it had more room than expected. I took it to the jungle of Minca and the historic city of Cartagena - it was a perfect bag for both trips.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Z.O. (Woodbridge, US)
Versatile & Durable

Big fan! Take this bag everywhere—literally. It’s my work bag (I am military and carry too much to base everyday) & travel bag when I go overseas (perfect for weight restrictions and backpacking). Love the hidden pocket compartments so thieves don’t take my passport. I love the load bearing aspect of the bag as well and I have had this bag for 4 years and the material is still almost like new (no joke—see photos of the “legacy” bag). I bought the cubes too cause it keeps me organized and if I need to get to something quickly I can (lots of hustle and bustle shopping in overseas markets). Can go on and on with positive things to say about this gear—invest in your gear and your back will thank you later fam! 10/10, thanks Minaal.

Extender Straps
Fe L.B. (Houston, US)
Just what I needed to complete my pack for my next adventure!

Love the crew over at Minaal. A clever, helpful bunch. Oh! And the straps are great too.!

Daily 3.0 Bag
Quinn Z. (Cancún, MX)
Favorite bag I've ever had

I went through several laptop bags before I found the Minaal. It's absolutely the best bag I've ever owned. It looks great, it feels great, and it lasts through anything. I love the suspended laptop holder - no longer need to travel with a case for my laptop.

Daily 3.0 Bag
Jacob G. (Pasadena, US)

A premium bag at a premium price. It feels great, looks great, and is a joy to use. It checked all of my personal boxes when it came to a backpack for travel whether it be for a day or for a few weeks.

The zippers are light and... Zippy. The seams and construction feel solid. The straps are comfy. The material feels strong yet light. The handle on the side was a feature I didn't expect to use but it's actually very convenient. The features of this bag are understated and intuitive, it's like they're not there until you need them, which I think is just awesome.

At 21 liters this bag is large enough to fit a 16" laptop, but small enough to not look like I'm carrying very much. In the future I plan to travel internationally with this bag as my only bag. After packing it out and testing how much I could fit, I was surprised at how much space this bag seems to have. Experienced onebaggers will like this one.

Some cons: the interior water bottle pocket is an interesting idea but I find it not to be super useful personally. I feel similarly about the way the rain cover is built into the bottom of the pack. It would be cool to see a version of this backpack that is built more water resistant so it wouldn't need the rain fly.

Really love this pack and I hope to go out and use it a lot more when it is safe to do so.

Rolltop Bag
Rey (New York, US)
Best EDC backpack!

I am absolutely in love with the Rolltop, a perfect EDC (every day carry). Holds my MacBook Air 13" nicely. It has an innovative design that makes it easy to store and retrieve everything I might need when I'm out and about. Especially love that the zipper handles can be neatly tucked away. The body-hugging, low-profile design makes this a perfect backpack for motorcycle riding. When the world opens up again, this will be my main travel daypack (the secret pockets make it a great travel bag). Minaal hit it out of the park with this one!

Daily Bag
Ken (Los Angeles, US)
My Daily

This review may be a bit bias, as I am a huge fan of MinaaI, The Daily was the first backpack I purchased many years ago and it the only travel backpack I use now. I do my fair share of traveling and the Daily goes with me on all my trips. It's a great backpack that fits everything. The material and design is by far top if its class, from the rain cover the the whistle on the buckle, Jimmy and his teams thought of everything. If you are looking for a Daily backpack or travel backpack, buy the Daily!

Tech Toolcase
Taj (Denver, US)
It's not just a case, it's a philosophy.

I used to carry a lot of tech crap. I pared it down but still struggled. Eventually, I bought the Toolcase XL and had enough space, but still … something wasn't right. After I saw that a teammate was doing his entire week of travel out of a Minaal Daily Bag I decided I would too. That meant going back to the original toolcase.

I had to embrace the philosophy of minimalism that this tool case, and the entire system encompasses. I asked myself, "What do I really need for the week?" Then I arrived at my system, and have been happier ever since. Here's what I carry in my Toolcase:

+ BatPower MacBook Pro Charger (makes it easier to plug into a crowded power strip and includes a couple of USB-C ports)
+ Amazon Fire TV Stick (works well on hotel Wi-Fi, provides privacy against logins, and prevents logging in every week to someone else's system)
+ USB-C to USB-A adaptors (they’re tiny)
+ Multi-type charging cable (for Lightning, USB-C, and micro USB)
+ Another lightning cable
+ Apple Watch charger
+ Remote PowerPoint pointer/clicker
+ Spare AAA batteries

Carry-on 2.0 Bag
Juan G. (New York, US)
Nothing but A+

I literally cannot say anything bad about this bag. I have owned it for years and it holds up as good as it did when I first bought it. I am able to pair it with the Daily Bag and maximize its use. It is so nice to get through an airport in less than thirty minutes after arriving and it is easier to walk around through some countries in Europe when I am walking through cobblestone that I know traditional wheeled luggage would have an issue with. On to many adventures and trips more with these bags!

Carry-on 2.0 Bag
Aaron P. (Puerto Vallarta, MX)
Can’t say enough about Minaal or this bag.

I’ve had my bag since the kick starter first launched and haven’t had a single break, rip, or snag anywhere. It’s 100% the best traveling purchase that I’ve made. My family and I travel around the world full time @joychasers and need quality. So, we bought five more. If we ever do have an issue we could email Minaal and have a kind and simple response to our need in no time at all. I once asked how to clean my bag and Hanna emailed me a video tutorial. Best company and product ever.

Daily Bag
Erik (Ann Arbor, US)
Beautiful Bag that is NOT just for travelling around the world...

I'm a full time student in college and also work part time. So, I don't normally have loads of time to travel so what I was looking for was a bag that would be easy to throw around, be able to carry my laptop and books, be durable, all while being able to look clean and sophisticated while going to classes at a good price. This bag without a doubt checks all of those boxes and more. Firstly, the bag is a tad bit smaller than most average bags, but holds just as much if not more. I have been able to fit a sweater, my books, my laptop, my water bottle, pens and pencils, headphones, in the bag and although it puffs out it still is small and easy to carry, my one complaint here is that I wish the back padding was just a touch more comfortable. Secondly, I've had this bag for a year now and this bag is an actual tank. I go through the rain, snow, dry heat all within a year and this thing just doesn't scratch. The bag still looks brand new and I still haven't even needed to use the water cover that's attached to the bag because the bag itself is stupid durable and keeps water out like a charm. Lastly, this bag is simply beautiful. Anytime I want to say minimal I almost always end up saying Minaal because of how sleek yet stunning this bag is. The clean exterior to the ability to organize and hold everything you need on the interior blows me away everytime I grab the strap and put it on my back. I am a college student so I wanted a bag that could last a long time and take a beating all while being able to carry all of my daily school supplies in a simple yet stunning bag at a premium price, the Minaal Daily Carry 2.0 easily my favorite bag I have ever owned and I can guarantee anyone who ends up owning this bag will feel the same because you can recognize the love and care that went into designing this bag the moment you put it on your back.

Carry-on 2.0 Bag
Grace (Port Moody, CA)
High quality, functional and sleek

I purchased this bag for a trip to europe a number of years ago and it served me well. I had no issues carrying the bag along the cobblestone streets and I didn’t have to think about rolling something along uneven pavement. I am on the petite side at 5’1” and had no issues carrying the bag on my back. I felt like it was pretty ergonomic. I didn’t even use the hip strap. I bought the packing cubes and that along with the compartments inside the bag make it so easy to organize everything for your trip. I love that there is a compartment for your laptop or your tablet which makes it easy to access in the plane or on the go without having to open your entire bag. I haven’t had any issues fitting the bag in the overhead compartment or under my seat. I also love the sleek, minimal design and that the bag is extremely functional and well thought out. Everything on the bag is intentional and has a purpose from the pockets, to the loops for the straps and the rain cover. You won’t regret purchasing this bag for your trip.

Carry-on 2.0 Bag
Naoya (Kizuki-omachi, JP)
Very Easy to Carry:)

I traveled from Japan to the United States in Sep. I used Carry-on 2.0 for the first time, so it is very easy to carry and looks cool!!

Daily Bag
Jaryl (Yishun New Town, SG)
An awesome pack with just the right amount of features

I finally pulled the trigger on the Daily after some months of heavy consideration, I was glad I finally did!
Just the right size for an EDC with thoughtful features and reliable quality materials.
It is my daily driver now and I couldn't be happier.

Cheers to the Minaal Team and looking forward to your future products :)

Daily 3.0 Bag
Joshua C. (Washington, US)
My new favorite bag!

Love my new bag so much!! My new everyday carry!!

Crossbody 2.0 Bag
George D. (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Love it tq

It’s very good tq

Packing Cubes 3.0
Annette C. (Tampa, US)
Daily 3.0 The Last Backpack I Will Purchas

I am in my mid-50s and think this may be the last backpack I will need to buy. You get what you pay for - quality materials & well thought out elegant design. I just took my Daily 3.0 on a weeklong trip from SW Florida to Southern California. The system to secure my laptop and the ability to take it out from the top or the side was so helpful as I was going through airport security. The zippers, zipper pulls and variety of pockets fit my needs well. My one very small annoyance is the two straps that dangle in the front. But I think I can solve that with the addition of Velcro or by using some sort of a strap for each side. Oh, and one last thing. I originally purchased the larger, travel backpack. It was too big, I returned it, and purchased the Daily 3.0 instead. Their customer service was excellent. No hassle and you get real world communication with an actual human being :-)

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Michael C. (Seattle, US)
Lightweight and extremely well made

Have been using the carry-on 3.0 for a few trips now and appreciate the bag more and more each trip. I use the bag as part of 1 or 2 bag travel for family trips, so need to stash multiple electronics, toiletry bags and clothing items. I use packing cubes and It took me 2 trips to get the organization sorted for quick access of specific items. Have it dailed in now and love the fact that I can cover the straps with the zipped up cover and quickly pull out the rain cover for the front to have the whole bag protected during transport. When using it stored under the seat, I dont use the rain cover and still have quick access to the top stow pocket and main compartment through top access. Everything on the bag feels bulletproof and built to last. In addition, the team at Minaal followed up on my order and to make sure it got there in time for a trip I had planned. Highly recommend the bag and company :)

Carry-on 3.0 Bag
Pavlo B. (Donostia / San Sebastian, ES)
Amazing backpack and outstanding service

This is my second Minaal backpack (lost the first one) and I’m totally loving it. This time however I was absolutely blown away with the company service:

I ordered a new one before the trip to Europe, but due to a shipping delay, my bag wasn’t coming before the trip. In just a few emails guys offered to send me another one to my destination. Super responsive and helpful. ❤️