Dave Hakkens

Project Kamp

You don't enlist an army, even a 'friendly' one, if you don't have a mission.

Dave Hakkens is a mashup of a maker, an artist, and an industrial designer who's on a mission to tackle the problems he finds in his own quirky, open-sourced, up-cycled, community-driven way. He scales his solutions with the magic of storytelling and the internet.

He's made the soap bar more efficient and the tea mug, well... bigger. He's made a pen so chewable that you can eat it and he's turned the humble post-it note into a 3D reusable art piece made from recycled materials.

More recently, he's focused on global problems and sustainability. He's reduced e-waste with a modular phone design known as Phonebloks, and developed and deployed simple easy-to-replicate mircro-factories for recycling plastics in Kenya and Chile. Now he's prototyping a less wasteful way of living in an offline community called Project Kamp.

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