Carry-on 2.0 Bag

$299 USD

The Carry-on 2.0 is a bag for people who get things done on the move.

Its minimalist aesthetic, shock-proof laptop compartment, and compliance with both US and European airline carry-on limits keep you streamlined and agile — wherever you roam. Use the seam-sealed rain cover to keep your gear dry, or tuck away the shoulder straps for a briefcase-style business mode. The Carry-on 2.0 supports creative, productive, and efficient movers and makers — and it's built to last a lifetime.

Color: Vancouver Grey

  • Made of high quality 600D nylon fabric, augmented with 1000D nylon in high- abrasion areas to extend your bag's lifespan 
  • Fitted with durable Woojin & Duraflex buckles
  • Includes patented DeviceNest™ shock-proof device sleeve which fits 15" laptops & 11" devices in a dedicated compartment
  • Compliant with both US and European airline carry-on limits
  • Switch to briefcase-style business mode by zipping away the shoulder straps
  • Quick-access bottle holder with adjustable bungee cord
  • Lockable YKK zippers for added security
  • Seam-sealed rain cover included
  • Lie-flat clamshell scoop increases capacity and helps with faster packing and unpacking 
  • 4-point harness adjustment system for extra comfort and body-type adaptation 
  • Works with other Minaal accessories such as attachable hip pads, packing cubes, shirt protectors, and extender straps.
  • Net Weight: 1.415kg / 3.12lb
  • LxWxH: 55cm x 35cm x 20cm / 21.6in x 13.7in x 7.87in (fully packed)
  • Capacity: 35L – learn more
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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
No need for other bags

This bag has been my only travelling bag since I got it over a year ago. Perfect for both business trips and holidays. It’s very easy to pack and get things e.g. laptop and papers out without need to spread the contents all over the place. I’ve found this handy especially at airports and business meetings. After several different kind of trips to many kind of places my bag still looks sharp. No signs of wearing it. I can highly recommend this bag for anyone who wants to travel with carry-on bag only.


This bag has been my travel companion for the last couple of years. I have taken it as my only luggage several times for extended trips to SE Asia ... and it really holds up wonderfully. It still looks good as new, even after all the use. And the way it holds so much, so well ... it's fabulous. I can't recommend it enough ... it has changed the way I think about and experience packing and travel.

I Love This Bag for the Bigger Jobs

I have the Carry-on 2.0 and used it extensively this last winter as I traveled to San Francisco every week. On one particularly brutal week of hotel prices, I opted for an AirBnB next to Alamo Square Park. After a full day of travel and working downtown, I opted to walk to my home for the week … all 2.9 miles of the uphill trek. My pack was heavy, because it holds a lot and I hadn't yet learned how to be chill when I pack for the week. I was a little tired at the end of my hike, but I wasn't weary. The hip pads are a must. The pads plus the strap adjustment on the bag let me put the weight where it belonged. I was able to keep this bag beneath the seat in front of me on my domestic flights. It sticks out a little, but I didn't mind, and it was great not to fight for overhead bin space.

So … why only 4 stars? I save 5 stars for perfect; there are a couple nitpicks that have me pause when I decide which bag to pack. The first, and this is minor, is the bottle holder. It does its job of holding a bottle, but it's just a little weird with the elastic strap and the pocket that holds less bottle than you would think it should. The second is that once I've emptied the bag of clothes and other travel stuff and headed back to the office, it doesn't sit well. When I set the bag next to my desk it buckles under its own weight. This is annoying enough that it I have packed the Daily Bag inside so I have it for the day. However, it's a trade-off to do this. My answer was to pack less and only use the Daily Bag for weekly travel. I save the Carry-on 2.0 for bigger trips, and even then, I'm taking the daily bag with the should strap attached.

If the Carry-on 2.0 could be my daily bag, too, I would give it 5 stars. Besides that, it's perfect in every other way. Believe the other reviews!

2 in 1

The bag just makes sense - I've used it for both business travel and holidays.

The best feature for me has been the ability to pack the Daily bag inside the 2.0. This lets me use 1 bag for my outbound travel and then separate the two for my return travel when I usually have gifts or souvenirs.

Only tip would be to avoid using the 2.0 for bulky shoes (hiking boots) - that space is far more useful for utilising the interior pockets and compartments. Just wear boots and pack jandals/soft shoes instead.

Nothing but A+

I literally cannot say anything bad about this bag. I have owned it for years and it holds up as good as it did when I first bought it. I am able to pair it with the Daily Bag and maximize its use. It is so nice to get through an airport in less than thirty minutes after arriving and it is easier to walk around through some countries in Europe when I am walking through cobblestone that I know traditional wheeled luggage would have an issue with. On to many adventures and trips more with these bags!

Get this if you're tired of using normal backpacks to travel with

I've always preferred using backpacks to wheeled luggage, and had previously just used anything from daypack to backpacking-style bags. It was time to upgrade, and I looked at the Carry On 2.0, Tortuga Outbreaker, Peak Design Travel Backpack, and Aer Travel Pack 2.

Here's the deal: if you're paying $300 for a travel backpack, they're basically all good. Of these, though, the Minaal Carry On 2.0 was the best for me: many bags in this class visually look too big (i.e., not stealth at all), aren't great looking, and are missing features that the Carry On 2.0 has.

It's big enough for a week's worth of travel for me (including in cold climates where I'm bringing layers), and still has great access to "daily" items like laptops, keys, wallet, etc. The included rain cover saved me once, as well. It looks clean, easy to sling around, and built well.

When flying, it's fantastic. The fairly large top pockets means I can dump my pockets for TSA Security in 5 seconds, and the two chamber design lets me separate things I need for the flight vs can go in overhead storage. It also squeezes into otherwise-already-full overhead storage, and would even fit under the seat in a pinch.

Grab their packing cubes with it — super lightweight, are built well, and fit perfectly in the large chamber.

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