The Minaal Daily – Video Walkthrough

What does your day look like?

In the city? On the road? Outdoors?

We designed the Minaal Daily around that question. How you pack for daily life depends on what *you’re* into.  But we’re here to help you get started:

Design [00:03]

We kept the outside sleek and thoughtfully minimal, because chances are, you won’t need to lash on your ice axe after a lunch meeting. You still need to stay organized though, no matter if you’re pedaling into the office and gym, out downtown with your drone and camera gear, or off on a two-day business trip. For longer hauls, the Minaal Daily fits into the Carry-on 2.0’s device compartment (even when you’re carrying a laptop and tablet).
Your Minaal Daily everyday backpack fits in Minaal Carry-on 2.0 travel backpack

Yep. The Daily fits in the Carry-on 2.0’s device compartment, even with a laptop and tablet inside.

The Minaal Daily Fits inside of the device compartment of the Minaal Carry-on 2.0

Here’s another (even more grainy😜) angle.

Raincover [00:10]

The raincover on the Minaal Daily packs into itself and is fully detachable.
Your Minaal Daily's detachable raincover packs into itself

You can stuff your Minaal Daily’s detachable raincover into itself for easy storage (also doubles as a very light hacky sack when trapped  in empty airports WAAAY longer than expected).

You can stuff or stow it in the sneaky pocket at the bottom of the bag or unclip it and go ultralight. Your bag’s fabric is water resistant to 1000mm. That’s good enough for wearing around town, but you wouldn’t want to be caught raincover-less in a downpour.

Minaal Daily Everyday Backpack Is Water Resistant

Water beading up (in fear!) on the outside of the water resistant Minaal Daily everyday backpack.

With the rain cover on, you’re ready to rock (and/or pedal to the office) no matter the weather.
Minaal Daily Raincover Pool Demo Doug

Caution: Minaal Daily is not recommended as a personal floatation device.

Backpack, Messenger and Hand-carry Mode [00:20]

When your gear arrives, the anchor fins will be tucked away in hand-carry mode. Pull them out and connect the shoulder straps to wear the Daily in backpack mode. You can also tuck away the shoulder straps and anchor fins and connect the optional Shoulder Sling for messenger mode.
Xzibit three modes meme

So, so many modes.

Device Compartment [00:25]

Inside the lie-flat device compartment there’s a document sleeve, an organizer panel for everyday tools and the neoprene DeviceNest™ suspension system. There’s no truly “TSA-approved” system, but with a lie-flat device compartment you *may* be able to run your Daily through security with your laptop still in the bag – we’ve successfully done this many times. Just pay attention to posted signs, and remember that agents on the ground always have the final say. If you forget that, they’ll remind you. 😉
Minaal Daily lie-flat device compartment

Speed through security with the Minaal Daily’s lie-flat device compartment.

Use the clip on the document sleeve to keep your important papers in place.  Stash your passport or Moleskine notebook in the dedicated quick grab pocket on the organizer panel or use the zippered pocket to keep your external hard drive, passport, pens or valuables extra secure. The smaller pockets on the organizer panel are the perfect spot to stash a pair of earbud headphones, a sleep mask, USB stick, mints, gum, business cards, or other flotsam and jetsam.

DeviceNest™ Suspension System [00:29]

When it comes to protecting your expensive tech, you can’t cut corners. That’s why the Minaal Daily has a full-sized DeviceNest™ built in. That’s the same device suspension system as the Carry-on 2.0 – even though the Daily is about 30% smaller than its big cousin.
The Minaal Daily DeviceNest suspension system protects your laptop.

The Minaal Daily DeviceNest™ suspension system gives your laptop cozy protection from *every* direction. 😉

The neoprene DeviceNest™ will keep your laptop and tablet safe through all the snags your daily commute, or a bumpy ride on a Laotian night bus, can throw at you. Adjustable ladder loops and elasticated velcro bands mean that laptops from 11 to 15 inches will all be equally secure.   The top sleeve of the DeviceNest™ was designed with a tablet in mind and it can fit up to an iPad Pro. We’ve even seen a few geared-out users stacking in two full-sized computers – one in each sleeve of the D-Nest. ‘Work stuff and personal stuff’ they told us, though we were secretly hoping they used both at the same time.

Right Hand: “‘Sup over there, Left Hand? You hacking?” Left Hand: “Totes.”

Both the laptop and tablet can be accessed from the top *or* side of the bag without setting it down on suspicious surfaces. ‘Sup random cafe floor? Hold the Daily by the webbing top loop (don’t worry, it’s wide enough for your hand) or smooth (oh-so-smooth) side-handle and your other hand is free to unzip the device compartment and grab your computer, Kindle, pens or passport from the organizer panel. Just like on the Carry-on 2.0, the DeviceNest™ is suspended away from the edges of the bag to keep your precious tech safe from bumps and bruises.

Adjustable Ladder Loops

At the top and side of the DeviceNest™ you’ll find ladder loops that can be used to tailor the fit to your devices. To use them, pinch the velcro end of the elasticated band and thread it under as many webbing ladder loops as needed. Then stretch it over the velcro to close.

Minaal Daily adjustable ladder loops

The ladder loops in the Minaal Daily ensures your laptop stays snug in the DeviceNest™ suspension system.

If you’ve got a need for speed, you can leave your ‘quick draw’ side of the the suspension system open. Whether that’s the top or the side,  there’s a sneaky bit of velcro under the neoprene so either elasticated band will stay put when not in use. For longer commutes, rides with sketchy Uber drivers, and motorcycle backflips, secure both the top and side bands. They’ll keep keep a firm grip on your gear.

Lockable Zippers

Minaal Daily charging with locking zippers

Locking zippers mean your gear stays safe even while charging.

When you first open your bag, you might notice that the zippers on the main compartment and device compartment are different colors. They’re also fully lockable. But yes, that IS a secret code (it’s the same code you’ll find on the Carry-on 2.0). The lockable zipper on the main compartment of your Daily is black. The one on the device compartment matches the tone of your bag, i.e., gray. That makes it super easy – borderline subconscious, even – to open the right compartment straight away, even if your zipper pullers are all hanging together. Code = cracked.

Main Compartment

Like the device compartment, the main compartment was designed to fold open for full access. That way, you can get to your gear no matter where it’s stashed. It’s a great place to pack a hoodie, jacket, books or workout clothes, though it’s been known to hold a lot more (depending on your #packingskillz).
Minaal Daily everyday backpack main compartment

The main compartment of your Minaal Daily folds open for full access to your gear no matter where you’ve stashed it.

In fact, a growing number of ultra minimalists travel for weeks and even months at a time with just their Minaal Daily. If you think you’re ready to join their ranks, here and here’s where to find a few of them, but beware, gear minimalism is known to be addictive.

Mesh Storage Pocket

The mesh storage pocket in the main compartment zips closed and lets your gear breathe while allowing you to see what you’ve packed. It’s a good spot for bulky items that can compress easily like a burly winter hat or wool scarf.

The ‘Trunk’

A lot of Minaal Daily users treat the long zippered pocket at the base of the main compartment as the bag’s ‘trunk.’ It’s the perfect spot to store handy items that you might not always use but are great to have on you when you need them. We’ve seen all kinds of kit in there:
  • a combination lock for the gym
  • a bento box and chop sticks
  • a headlamp for biking home late
  • extra reflectors or reflector cuffs for errant pant legs
  • a portable speaker
  • a pair of flats or sandals
  • a rain poncho…

If you *might* need it, the ‘trunk’ is your spot for it. Let us know what you’re carrying or tag #minaal on social so we can see for ourselves!

Keeping Your Gear Organized

Minaal Daily loops for the shirt protector

Attach the Shirt Protector to the internal loops in the main compartment of your Minaal Daily to keep your collars crisp (and for bonus packing ninja points).

Like the 3D pockets in the Carry-on 2.0, the mesh pocket and ‘trunk’ keep your gear close to your body even when the bag isn’t fully packed. That means you’ll stay organized and your gear won’t bounce around if you’re being active. You can even attach the Shirt Protector to the internal loops in the main compartment to keep clothes crisp and make sure they don’t slide around while you’re on the move.

Bottle Holder

On the right side of the main compartment there’s a stretch-fabric bottle holder. It’ll keep your liquids locked in while you’re on the move.
Minaal Daily bottle holder

The bottle holder in your Minaal Daily keeps your liquids in check.

Quick Access Pocket

At the top of the bag there’s a quick-access pocket that’s long enough for a boarding pass (and big enough for other stuff in addition!). It’s a good place for chargers, snacks and anything you need at the ready. Inside the quick-access pocket there’s a more-secure zippered mesh pocket that runs its full length. You’ll find a key clip there. You can also use it to keep smaller items organized, to stash pens and pencils, or to keep cables tidy.

Adjustable Fit

Once you’re all packed up, put the bag on and adjust the chest strap. It can slide up and down, so make sure you find the right height for your body. Then connect the clip across your chest or tuck it away for a dangle-free experience. The clip even doubles as a whistle.
Minaal Daily chest strap height adjustment

Clip up the chest strap or tuck it out of your way.

WARNING: It only plays one note. Busking has yielded, uh… ‘mixed’ results… The final step is to adjust the shoulder straps for your ideal fit. They’re sized to fit a variety of body types. You can use the elasticated loops on the adjuster straps to get rid of any extra dangle (Our never-ending War on Dangle continues apace!).
Minaal Daily fit on petite woman

The Minaal Daily adjusts to fit your body type, big or small.

Now that you’re all packed up and fitted out. The only thing left is to make your move!


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