Modular Hip Pads - Grey

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About Modular Hip Pads - Grey

The Carry-on 2.0 bag has subtle 38mm webbing loops sewn to the back panel. This enables a high-quality Modular Hip Pad accessory for those who want it, and zero weight or hassle for those who don't (you can read the design reasoning in more detail here).

It also means you can rock them for a hike, and stow them for the meeting. We can't do anything about you being a dusty mess at the meeting though. Sorry.

We kept bulk and clutter to a minimum, and comfort at the front of our minds. There's even an elasticated strap retainer, an integral part of our never-ending War On Dangle.

Every component is hand-selected for exceptional performance; every stitch is personally inspected before heading to your door. We back all our gear with a lifetime warranty against defects, and take pride in our ongoing, personal support for all users. 

There’s a ton of extra info below, and a passionate community of Minaal users to connect with on the road around the globe. If you have any questions, we’d be truly stoked to hear from you.

The Modular Hip Pads work with the Carry-on 2.0.

Product dimensions: 

  • Net Weight: 0.15kg / 5.29oz
  • LxWxH: 22cm x 8cm x 4cm
  • Can fit this waist size range: 61-136cm / 24 - 54in

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