Packing Cubes (set of 3)

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About Packing Cubes (set of 3)

We designed the original Carry-on 1.0 with packing cubes in mind. Since then, we've made and tested approximately one billion cubes of various shapes and sizes, and rampaged around the world searching for a fabric that has the perfect mix of minimal weight and rugged strength.

We're happy (and to be perfectly honest, relieved!) to say we found that fabric. And we made these cubes.

The Packing Cubes:

  • Help you fit more stuff inside your bag, via compression.
  • Are designed to perfectly fit inside the 'scoop' of your Carry-on.
  • Weigh less than 150g/5.29oz total – keeping you safe from airline weight limits – and they pack away into a tiny space when not needed.
  • Are compatible with original Carry-on 1.0 (though they're sized to account for the 3D pockets of the Carry-on 2.0).
  • Also fit inside the Daily in various configurations, if you want to cube up your everyday life.

Every component is hand-selected for exceptional performance; every stitch is personally inspected before heading to your door. We back all our gear with a lifetime warranty against defects, and take pride in our ongoing, personal support for all users. 

There’s a ton of extra info below, and a passionate community of Minaal users to connect with on the road around the globe. If you have any questions, we’d be truly stoked to hear from you.

The Packing Cubes fit inside the Carry-on 1.0, Carry-on 2.0 and the Daily bag.

Product dimensions:

    • Net weight: 0.15kg / 5.29oz 
    • 33cm x 18cm x 10cm for the large cube
    • 21 cm x 15cm x 10cm for the 2 smaller cubes

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