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We're two guys from New Zealand, who realised how dissatisfied we were with our travel gear, and thought it'd be a great idea to quit our jobs to make our own. Let's create products that make travelling faster, happier and more productive, we said. Sounds eaaaasy.

A few years, a few more wrinkles and seven million bowls of noodles later, we're here to show you what we're packin'...

We know who you are.

You're confident stepping out the front door. You're comfortable taking those first steps along the wide open road. Maybe you live your life on that road. Maybe you have no such thing as 'home' – just momentary pauses between destinations.

There's one problem. Your travel gear is holding you back; it's dragging you down. And for those of us who care about travel, there's one thing we should be fighting: travel drag.

Travel Drag

... is anything that slows you down, mentally or physically, from reaching your destination.

Whether that 'drag' is... 

  • 10 minutes wasted packing a bag that's not fit for purpose
  • $30 cash thrown at airlines to check a bag
  • 5 minutes extra spent sorting your stuff in the security line
  • negative 5 cool points for feeling amateur because of all the straps hanging off your backpack... 
  • another 20 minutes waiting at the carousel for your checked bag

...all multiplied by however many times you do this a year....

...the Minaal Carry-on is here to fight all of that. 

To make your travels faster, happier and more productive.

(Oh, hai media professionals! We know who you are too. See our media page for resources. You can find us on facebook and twitter. You may also buy our gear.)

Looking to the future. 

It's taken many 3am calls to discuss zips; many debates over the ideal depth of a foam cut; and many sleepless nights musing over how people really pull their laptop out in the security line, to finally reach this point.

We don't want to make just one bag. We want to build a long-term business that truly cares about the travel experience - and you, the committed traveller.

We'd be stoked if you joined us.

Jimmy, Doug & the Minaal Team




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