Minaal Marketplace

Sell used Minaal gear for store credit. Buy road-tested gear from the community.


By keeping your old gear in circulation, you're reducing waste.


When you sell your gear, we'll email you a prepaid USPS label.


Sell your gear for $100, for example, and we'll give you $150 store credit.


All gear sold via the Marketplace is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Why Used Gear?

The most eco-friendly bag you can buy is a used bag.

Facilitating the buying and selling of used gear is a key part of our journey towards a circular supply chain, in keeping with our Triple Bottom Line philosophy.

You’ll find two types of gear in the Marketplace: used (typically sold by happy Minaal users looking to upgrade to newer models) and refurbished (sold by us).

And unlike gear on third-party platforms, everything you'll find on the Minaal Marketplace is backed by our lifetime warranty.

How It Works

1 | Log in

Use the email address connected with your past orders to log in or create an account.

2 | List your gear

In your purchase history, select the gear you'd like to sell. Describe its condition, upload photos, and submit the listing for us to review.

3 | Get store credit

When your gear has been sold and delivered to a buyer, we'll give you 150% of the purchase amount in store credit. We'll also give 10% of the purchase amount back to the buyer as credit.



Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the Minaal Marketplace designed for?

Two types of people will find it most useful.

  1. Anyone who wants to trade in their old gear in exchange for store credit, which they can put towards new gear. For example, owners of 2.0 bags can use the store credit to upgrade to 3.0 bags.

  2. Anyone who wants to buy Minaal gear, but prefers the value of lower-priced items in used condition.

I live outside the USA. Can I use the Marketplace?

During our initial testing phase, we’re sticking to the USA only for simplicity's sake. Half of our users live outside the US, so one of our biggest priorities is to expand the Marketplace as soon as possible.

If you'd like to see the program in your country, feel free to reach out and tell us – the more demand we see, the easier it'll be to expand quickly!

How does shipping work?

The buyer covers the shipping cost, and the seller is responsible for shipping the gear. When the seller submits a listing, a $10 shipping fee will be automatically added to the total price.

Once the transaction is complete, we'll email the seller a prepaid USPS shipping label. The seller will then be able to drop off the package at any USPS location or mailbox.

How do I sell my gear on the Minaal Marketplace?

First, you’ll need to create an account on minaal.com (or log in to your existing account) by clicking this link. Once you’ve opened your account page, you’ll see a button that will take you to the Minaal Marketplace. Follow the instructions on that page to add your used gear to the Marketplace.

Can I set my own price for my used gear?

Absolutely. To help keep things simple and consistent, we automatically recommend a price based on your gear’s condition, age, and other factors. If you prefer, you can make your price lower or higher than our recommendation.

Can I get cash instead of store credit?

At the moment, no. It’s possible we’ll introduce this in the future, but as we begin to test the Minaal Marketplace, we’re offering store credit only. We decided to offer 150% store credit so that people looking to upgrade their Minaal bags can do so relatively easily.

I don’t want to wait months for someone to buy my used bag. What do I do?

Good question! We don’t want you to have this problem either – so we’re offering a guarantee. Once you’ve listed your bag on the marketplace, we’ll ensure that you get at least $50 in store credit within 30 days. If you don't want to wait longer, that'll mean shipping it to us after the 30 days is up.

Note: This guarantee doesn't apply to accessories, the Crossbody, or bags in "damaged" condition.

How do I buy gear on the Minaal Marketplace?

Click here to see a complete list of all used gear. Once you’ve found something that you want, you can buy it securely through our website in exactly the same way you would buy new gear.

What if the condition isn’t as described?

If you aren’t happy with the condition of any gear you receive, you can make a complaint to our partner, Recurate. They’ll assess whether the condition matches the description. If it doesn’t, you’ll receive a full refund after returning the gear.

Am I entitled to your lifetime warranty?

Absolutely. Any used gear you buy through minaal.com comes with our usual lifetime warranty. More info on that here.

Can I use store credit and gift cards to buy used gear?

Yes! You can use gift card codes when you reach checkout, in the same way that you normally would.

Why should I buy a used Minaal bag through your site, rather than on eBay or another platform?

When you buy Minaal gear on a different platform, we aren’t able to verify its history and therefore can’t extend our lifetime warranty to it. All gear that you buy on minaal.com – even if it’s used – comes with that lifetime warranty.

When you buy used gear, we also give you 10% of your purchase amount back to you in the form of store credit. You can put this credit towards any Minaal gear, including new gear.