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Jimmy, Minaal Co-founder

Doug, Minaal Co-founder

A bit of context...

Founders Jimmy & Doug left their jobs as corporate lawyer and ice cream truck driver to build a company that mirrored their values and travel-focused lifestyle. Their first product, the Minaal Carry-on, was brought to life with crowdfunding in September, 2013.

That Kickstarter surpassed its goal by $300,000+. We raised $341,393 from 1,634 backers. In November, 2014, 2,402 backers pledged $707,631 to help bring the Carry-on 2.0 and Daily bag to life. Both projects were delivered on time.

If it's not something we'd use ourselves, we don't sell it.

We're a remote team, with members spread around the world, thrashing our gear before we even dream of putting it in your hands. We use only the components that pass our real-world testing, and stand behind everything we make with a lifetime warranty against defects. For us, it's all about making sure your experience matches your high expectations. We thrive on hearing about your latest travels or projects, and we encourage you to email us early and often, about anything at all.

Daily Bag

Carry-on 2.0

Crossbody (Pre-sales)

Rolltop (Pre-sales)

RFID Travel Wallet


Toolcase XL


Packing Cubes

Attachable Hip Pads

Shirt Protector

Shoulder Sling