Tyler, landing at Copenhagen's Black Diamond library/spaceport.

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"Best bags ever. Get yours now. That is all." Christina Canters

Eva, stopping for a rest high above Machu Picchu.

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"Not even kidding when I say that the Minaal bag was the best purchase I have made in, possibly, ever. I don't check bags when I travel anymore and 9 times out of 10, I don't need a second bag beyond my Minaal - even for 18 days in South America or 10 days in Texas." Kate Galliett

Pascal, all packed up and ready for the road.

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"Just tried Daily and Carry-on 2.0 for first time for a wedding anniversary holiday to Dublin. We used an airline, Ryanair, notorious for its strictness on luggage size, weight, penalties, costs for in-hold baggage etc., and the bags were superb. We were able to pack everything we needed using all the nooks, crannies and zip pockets. The bags were EXTREMELY comfortable, looked really smart, and sailed through the watchful gaze of the airline." Stephen and Shelagh Ibbs
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"Since returning from a 6-week international trip at the end of June, I've been meaning to write this unsponsored love letter to a piece of gear that completely changed the way I travel. [Read More]"
Rafael Fonseca

Laorence, enjoying his last-minute dash to Porto Sorrento.

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"This is, without a doubt, the best travel bag I've ever owned." Jason Zook

An, breaking in her Minaal Carry-on 2.0 'through gravel roads, cashew groves, a herd of cows and a sudden downpour in the night.'

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"Seriously, if you're looking for a travel carry-on or daily backpack, can do no better than Minaal." Boyce Richardson

Departures go best together. Jerome and Christy, leaving Los Angeles.

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