Packing Cubes (3)

$49 USD
Color: Light Grey

Fit more stuff into less space with these feather-light packing cubes.

Add functionality to your bag by compressing your clothing and keeping everything firmly in place. Pack and unpack with lightning speed, make the most of your bag's capacity, and organize your essentials by dividing them among different cubes.

Built from an ultra-light yet rugged ripstop nylon, these packing cubes are ideal for frequent fliers, long-haul travelers, and minimalists. They're specifically designed to fit snugly inside the Carry-on and Daily backpacks.

*Works with the 2.0 and 3.0 versions of both bags

  • Made from ultra-light, rugged 40D ripstop nylon 
  • Incredibly light, keeping you compliant with airline weight limits 
  • Can be scrunched and packed away into tiny spaces when not in use 
  • Fits perfectly in the Minaal Carry-on 2.0 and Daily bag, but can be used with other bags
  • Net weight: 0.104kg / 3.67oz
  • 33cm x 18cm x 10cm for the large cube
  • 21 cm x 15cm x 10cm for the 2 smaller cubes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Audrey (Singapore, SG)
Really lightweight and durable, though tad expensive

Love it! Just what I needed. Really lightweight yet seems durable and keeps my things organised in my daily 3.0. It’s a tad expensive but guess price to pay for good quality!

Dustin W. (Vero Beach, US)
The Minaal packing cubes are lightweight / durable and fit perfectly.

Fits perfectly and works well with shirt protector, dopp, passport holder.

Help me get these made in Aoraki Black and let Minaal know there is enough demand to be worth it!

Lucie (. (Montreal, CA)
Very useful!

These packing cubes are perfect. They are lightweight, have a side with mesh so you can see what's inside quickly and fits properly into the carry-on 2. In fact, they help you organize your bag and guide you with the quantity of things you need to bring. I would not travel without them anymore.

Cliff (Kaohsiung City, TW)
A short product feedback

If you have any bag, I believe you would love this small pack. It weight light, pack things then give a little push to remove air, make your small bag a bigger one. These packing cube to bag like the dessert to coffee, they just match so well.

Taj (Denver, US)
I Don't Know Why I Love These So Much! (Yes I Do)

I have used a number of packing cubes from other companies and these are my favorites. They're much lighter and thinner material, so they pack down to almost nothing when not in use. They're ample when full, so you can fit more than you thought possible. They fit perfectly into the Carry-on 2.0 and Daily Bags, so you know if you can zip them you can fit them. And finally, they're durable; the zipper holds up.

Mike (Tauranga, NZ)
Best Accessory

Completely changed the way I traveled - and fit together perfectly in the 2,0. Have not tried them with the Daily. I would like the option to mix/match sizes rather than just getting one large and two small cubes. I find myself using the large one more for pants, shorts, and button-down shirts. Small ones aren't as practical for me, as I tend to use the built-in pockets for things like socks and t-shirts. Still a great product and easy to wash/clean after a trip (handy as a laundry bag).


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