Shirt Protector

49 USD 59 USD

Shirt Protector

49 USD 59 USD
Color: Aoraki Black

Reduce shirt wrinkling caused by travel, for up to eight of your favorite shirts. Keeping shirts, suits, and dresses wrinkle-free is one of the great challenges of modern travel. Attach this to purpose-built loops inside the Carry-on and Daily – and prevent your best clothes from sliding around and getting creased or crushed by everything else you pack.

*Works with the 2.0 and 3.0 versions of both bags

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bob B. (Salt Lake City, US)
Protect your shirt(s)

Used the shirt protector on my month long road trip. Was so glad I didn't have to sort or iron or find my dress shirts. Great add-on to the Minaal large bag!

Dustin W. (Vero Beach, US)
Perfect system with packing cubes.

Fits perfectly and works well with packing cubes, dopp, passport holder.

Mike B. (New Market, US)
So versatile!

Why do I love and use these products? They are FUN! Clever and innovative design. Great workmanship and materials. Be sure to watch videos to be sure you are aware of ALL the cool features. Review from time to time since new needs arise depending on travel circumstances AND you will likely be surprised how Minaal’s clever design will probably accommodate those new uses. This product can be easily interchanged and used to suit the particular travel configuration I’ve adopted for that trip.

Taj (Denver, US)
Perfect for Minaal Bags

I've had similar shirt folders in the past with other bags and systems. They're all good, but this one is great when you have a Minaal bag. First, it integrates with the Daily Bag and the Carry-on 2.0; no other products do that. Second, it keeps things just a little more compact than other folders without compromising function.

Juan G. (New York, US)
Good for keeping shirts tidy

I love using this shirt organizer because it does a great job at keeping all the shirts as wrinkle-free as possible. At first I was struggling to fit things inside but realized I was over-packing. Once I realized I just needed to pack less, the shirt protector is my go-to item when I am going out and traveling.

Sam P. (Lynchburg, US)
Great details

Your normal shirt protector with the perfect extra touches! The extra zipper pockets are great for your tie/belt/fancy socks, but the best feature is the 4 hooks to loop into your 2.0 so your shirt protector stays exactly where’s its supposed to be in your bag and keeps your shirt/blazer wrinkle free!

• Net Weight: 302g / 10.65oz

• Approximately 13.8 x 9.8 in (35 x 25 cm)

• With clothes inside it's closer to 15.7 x 11.8 in (40 x 30 cm), depending on how it's packed

• Reduces shirt wrinkling and keeps shirts clean and secure while traveling

• Holds up to eight shirts, protects suits and dress pants, and has a dedicated tie pocket 150D Bean Chaff exterior with 210D Nylon lining and airflow mesh

• Comes with the Minaal how-to guide on folding shirts effectively 

• Fits inside the Carry-on and Daily via purpose-built clips

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